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Let’s Get Visual with Data

Fizz is one of the many ways to review and analyze online data. I am a visual learner. Naturally, I am intrigued with visual research and data analysis. The 2010 Horizon Report indicated that Visual Data Analysis will be  impacting technology and learning in higher education in the next four to five years:

Visualization tools like Many Eyes, Flowing Data, and Wordle are making statistics and data fun. These representations present actual facts and ideas in visual format to strengthen research and debates. Visualization tools help support learning and engagement for both educators and learners. Besides making meaning and giving access to facts, visualization allows learners to personalize and engage with data. A fellow doc student, Kevin Guidry, shared a great example of how to represent an online community in Twitter with his Visualization of #SAchat Data. Seeing this data allows more people to understand the dynamics of a community and how they connect online.

Another great proponent of visual statistics is Hans Rosling. Hans  is bring sexy back with statistics as he details his love of stats on the one-hour BBC documentary The Joys of Stats and his non-profit project Gapminder. For those of you who think statistics is a dirty word, I encourage you to take a gander at this one. If you are not afraid, I encourage you to get more visual with your research, learning and data. Here are a few resources to get you started – please comment and share more tools that you use & love to visualize data:

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Stopping by #SxSW

#SxSW has attracted the interactive, film and music fans from around the world to Austin, TX every March. This year @julieclarsen decided to drop into the interactive part – #SxSWi – since we are only 3.5 hours north of the fun.

Although our road trip was short, we managed to soak in all that #SXSW was offering for the interactive time. There are loads of events and happenings for non-registered fans, and it gave us a sample of what we might attend next year – because we’re very interested in playing & engaging with some of the great panel sessions too.

Here are a few #SxSW highlights from the rogue attendees:

  • There’s an app for that! – Many new startups, apps and more begin to shine at #SxSW. We were texting beside the CEO/Founder, Mike, of Hashable & also met the developers from PunchTab who just launched their online reward program 5 days before #SxSWi.
  • FREE! is the name of the game – There are loads of fun things to do & see for the frugal-minded geek. Many happenings were found on the street or at an RSVP gathering within the 4th-6th Street limits.
  • Time to Play Ping pong, Foursquare, Geek Games from Mashable &  frolicking is key for the #SxSWi. Loads of events happening on the street, in a parking lot and around town to enjoy. And there is tonnes of fun being tweeted & broadcasted about what is happening around town.
  • Celebrity Sighting – If you want to see a few stars, they are sure to appear in front of a camera or microphone for an interview near you (on the street). We saw Danny Devito interview for an upcoming film he’s producing, but other friends met Conan O’Brien, Dane Cook, Juno, Mike Tyson and then some.
  • Ideas, Solutions & Blue Skies – There are loads of great panels, talks and discussions about what’s to come in the techie realm.
  • Points to Ponder – This event had my mind spinning for ideas to research, develop, and create. Imagine if I attended more of the convention. Unreal.
  • BEST PART = Meet & Greet – There are loads of people in Austin on the street who are open to chatting & gathering. I recommend a local cafe or watering hole such as South Congress Cafe, Fado, Stubbs BBQ or The Gingerman. It was a great weekend to connect & meet a few #SAChat friends IRL.

Besides meeting @EdCabellon, Julie & I met up with a few #SAChat friends such as @bradpopiolek, @jeffjackson, @SueBecks, @lizgross144@marlenabh, @reyjunco, @stephwint, @PetePereira, @lynnellison & @LauraLambeth (who took some fab photogs from the #SASxSW TweetUp because I was too chatty and less of a photographer :)) at Rudy’s BBQ. We feasted & chatted over some Texas finest BBQ. Our meeting was cut short by my scholastic obligations (who puts a test on Saturday night of Spring Break?), however I do hope to connect and visit with more local & faraway #SAChat friends in the future.

BIG kudos goes out to Brad, our Austin host with the most, and Julie, the ultimate road warrior. Here’s to more gatherings of technology and fun in the future! Learning is best when it’s crowd-sourced & IRL.

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Social Media Strategies in Student Affairs

Last night, the Break Drink Campus Tech podcasting crew decided to tackle the hot topic of Social Media Strategies in Student Affairs. During the Campus Tech #14 show, the three of us shared some thoughts and ideas that are currently being put into practice for many higher education institutions, and discussed how social media is impacting our university and college campuses.

Photo c/o

The hot topic included the following discussion points:

  • digital citizenship
  • education and awareness of Student Affair practitioners and students
  • the evolution of social media on campus
  • questions & concerns for best practices of social media in higher ed
  • examples of current social media policies & guidelines
  • resources for developing social media strategy for your campus

Image c/o The Advanced Human Technologies Group

Here are a few great resources to check out if you are designing your own social media strategy on campus:

In thinking about this grand topic, the Campus Tech posse realized that it was a daunting issue to tackle in a 60 minute podcast. The discussion about emerging technology and social media in higher education will not be over soon. To help continue the conversation and support best practices using social media, I initiated a digital archive of resources we hope other Student Affairs practitioners will contribute to:

Social Media Strategies in Student Affairs Google Doc

If your campus has a social media strategy or you have further resources for best practices, please share them in the above document. The Campus Tech show would love to know what you think about social media on campus, and we will be sure to talk about updates or comments we receive.

NEXT WEEK on the Campus Tech Podcast:  Speaking of Social Media in Higher Education….

Stay tuned for the show next Monday (8/4/10) at 7 pm CDT as we connect to the LIVE happenings of the 2010 NACADA Annual Conference for Academic Advising professionals. This year is the first year @NACADA has recruited a team to support social media and a backchannel for participants near & far.  Here’s the NACADA Social Media Guide & be sure to follow the hashtag #nacada10.

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Red Rover, Red Rover We Call Tom Krieglstein Right Over.

The Campus Tech podcast had a delightful chat with Tom Krieglstein last night. We learned about SUPERCAMP, startups, and the beginnings of #SAChat all within the latest CTC Podcast #13.

Photog from @tomkrieglstein

Tom shared with us how #SAChat was founded almost a year ago with the help @DebraSanborn. He shared with us the development and growth of The SA Collaborative, and how excited he was to watch it flourish with numerous Student Affairs professionals contributing, commenting and reading the regular blogs and contributing to the weekly #SAChat discussions on Twitter.

Tom discussed his development of Red Rover with @kprentiss. Red rover (as defined by the website) is “A simple web service that helps your students connect and contribute to their college community.” Tom is a big proponent for thinking about how we bring our students and communities together on campus. Although he claims to not be a dancer, Tom does believe that “dancing” together will help build community for our students.

Here’s how to dance with Tom (& on campus with your students):

  1. You have fun
  2. Meet people.
  3. Connect people to each other.
  4. Make small groups & then get out of the way.

Other Campus Tech News Bites & Information:

Kiva Adds Student Loans To Microlending Marketplace

Facebook Phone?

Google Docs Editing Coming to iPad and Android

Next Week’s Campus Tech Connection with @jacksonj, @jefflail & @laurapasquini = HOT TOPIC: Social Media Policy, Privacy & Issues on Campus

  • Does your school have a social media policy/guidelines? If so please send them to
  • Question, comment or show idea? Leave a message or text us at 732-982-BREAK (7325)
  • Join us LIVE next Monday (9/27) at 7 pm CDT at BreakDrink Live, on Twitter with the hashtag #CTC and/or by calling in with a question [(646) 652-2342] during the program.
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Campus Tech Connection is “On The Go” with Ed Cabellon

After a week off for Labour Day, the Campus Tech Connection crew had @EdCabellon join in for CTC podcast #12.

Photo c/o

Ed has worked in higher education & student affairs for 13 years and he is currently the Director of the Campus Center at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts.  He is a strong advocate for engaging in social media at his campus and a large proponent of sharing and growing with the emerging media resources, which has let LTE Consulting (Leadership, Technology & Education) evolve for professional development of colleges, universities and small businesses.

I have been fortunate to connect with Ed through #SAChat, and read his posts on The Student Affairs Blog. This interview provided our CTC group with a bit more information about Ed and his workings with social media in higher education.

Be sure to join us on Monday (September 20th) at 7 pm CDT when the Campus Tech Connection are LIVE with Tom Krieglstein founder of SwiftKick & red rover