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Red Rover, Red Rover We Call Tom Krieglstein Right Over.

The Campus Tech podcast had a delightful chat with Tom Krieglstein last night. We learned about SUPERCAMP, startups, and the beginnings of #SAChat all within the latest CTC Podcast #13.

Photog from @tomkrieglstein

Tom shared with us how #SAChat was founded almost a year ago with the help @DebraSanborn. He shared with us the development and growth of The SA Collaborative, and how excited he was to watch it flourish with numerous Student Affairs professionals contributing, commenting and reading the regular blogs and contributing to the weekly #SAChat discussions on Twitter.

Tom discussed his development of Red Rover with @kprentiss. Red rover (as defined by the website) is “A simple web service that helps your students connect and contribute to their college community.” Tom is a big proponent for thinking about how we bring our students and communities together on campus. Although he claims to not be a dancer, Tom does believe that “dancing” together will help build community for our students.

Here’s how to dance with Tom (& on campus with your students):

  1. You have fun
  2. Meet people.
  3. Connect people to each other.
  4. Make small groups & then get out of the way.

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Next Week’s Campus Tech Connection with @jacksonj, @jefflail & @laurapasquini = HOT TOPIC: Social Media Policy, Privacy & Issues on Campus

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