Twitter Chats

#HEdigID Twitter ChatHigher Ed Digital Identity Chat

An open dialogue on Twitter with higher education staff, faculty, and graduate students every 2nd Friday of each month to discuss what it means to be a digital scholar and practitioner online today. We will chat about about digital identity, being in networked spaces, and the impact being online as a higher education scholar, educator, or student.  A chat topic or theme will be selected for a SLOW (day-long) chat on Twitter over the course of each FRIDAY, all day conversation.

Follow the hashtag: #HEdigID (Formerly #AcDigID & #EdDigID)


Academic Advising Chat

A bi-weekly Twitter conversation on Tuesdays from 12-1 pm CDT about academic advising issues and how to better support learners in higher education. These advisors have been tweeting about issues since 2010 — check out their chat ARCHIVES to learn as well!

Follow @AcAdvChat and hashtag #AcAdv Mmore information at:

Student Affairs Practices in Canada

The #SAcdn hashtag has been embraced by student affairs (SA), student services, and professionals who support students in Canadian higher ed. The #SACdn community is “connecting our country” specifically to connect professionals on Twitter to discuss issues, ideas, & experiences in context to those in Canada. Join the conversation on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to discuss student affairs and higher education practices via the hashtag: #SAcdn

Follow the moderator (MOD), @SA_exchange, and the hashtag for the chat: #SACdn More information at: