Working with Laura as a career coach was such a great investment in myself. I was honestly shocked at how much progress I felt like I had made after just one session with her. Laura’s thoughtful questions helped guide me through identifying my why and what I really want out of my career. Her follow-ups with relevant resources kept me motivated and accountable between sessions. With another 15-20 years worth of career ahead of me, I would absolutely trust Laura to work with me again to get me to my next goal.

Heather Mund, Marketing Manager

Invest in your future career goals.

Laura helped shift my perspective. I was in a professional rut when we started meeting 1:1, and I didn’t do much to help change my situation. Because of my time with her, I feel more confident in taking action to change my environment. I now make choices every day that help me get closer to what I want out of my career. If it weren’t for Laura, I wouldn’t be where I am today: a much happier and decisive version of myself.

Colleen Smith – Coordinator, Digital Learning and Advising – University of Central Florida

Gain confidence in your career decisions.

When I had my first coaching session with Laura, I came feeling like I just wanted some general advice about when is the right time to leave my current role and what I should look for in my next role. Laura did not really give me advice, she actually asked me a lot of questions so I could reflect and dig deep to come up with my own solutions. I left our conversation feeling like I accomplished my goals; specifically, I had created a list of things that make me happy in a job. This list is something I now use to gut check how long I want to stay in my current job and what I would need in a future job. In fact, I have been recruited for a few positions since I chatted with Laura and this list has helped me stay centered on what is important to me rather than being sidetracked by other nuances. I also really appreciated Laura’s follow up after our session to summarize our discussion and her continued follow up.

Jaimie Hoffman – VP Student Learning, Engagement Support, Noodle

Awareness & reflection to identify goals.

Laura’s 1:1 coaching has helped me have a different perspective by reminding me of how far I’ve come. Laura provides insight and asks questions that really get me thinking about my career and life goals, and she helps me counter the negative mindset that I sometimes fall into. It has been an emotional process, but Laura’s questions and intentional listening skills have made all the difference! I am so grateful to have her by my side on this journey!

Courtney Omlin

Career exploration is a journey.