My teaching interests focus on networked and social learning, specifically with regards to design, implementation, usability, and evaluation of emerging technologies for teaching, learning, scholarship, and professional development. From this domain, I have delivered training modules, instruction, and research seminars on how technologies are influencing and challenging education from K-12 and higher education.  I believe that social learning and open education course design engages my learners to participate in research, writing, and projects to support effective instructional methods. I believe that learners need to be active participants in shaping and crafting their learning experiences.


In the courses I have taught, I have prepared both undergraduate and graduate students with strategies and knowledge on how to use social media to enhance their scholarship, supported instructional designers in implementing technology-enhanced learning and enabled practitioners to examine the use and implementation of online learning in varied contexts.  In my current role as a Lecturer in the College of Information, I support both undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students in the Department of Learning Technologies and Information Studies. I have contributed innovative strategies to improve the curriculum content, instructional design, and course delivery of classes each term. My experience in online, blended, and face-to-face instruction has permitted me to implement innovative approaches to for leveraging technology to advise students, offer technology-mediated learning environments, and prepare my learners with relevant experiences connected to occupational needs. Learn more about:

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