Coaching FAQs

What is coaching? And, why would I want a coach?

Coaching is a collaborative, purposeful partnership rooted in conversation and deep questions. Coaches help to uncover insights and ideas, and hold space to listen and reflect back what was said to their clients. You might hire a coach to discuss specific goals, upcoming decisions, and future possibilities. As your coach, I walk along side you to offer clarity and focus as you process ideas, think about your interests, and work towards your own goals.

What’s a typical coaching session like?

Coaching sessions are either 30- or 60-minutes and held over Zoom. Each coaching session we will be in conversation, where I ask you powerful questions and you spend time thinking out loud and reflecting on the responses. At the beginning of each session, we identify a specific topic to discuss and outcome you would like to work towards by the end of our meeting. These sessions are recorded so you can listen back to your responses to consider next action steps.

Who are your coach clients? Why do they come to you?

Great question! My clients come from a variety of industries and disciplines (e.g. higher education, sales, tech, marketing/PR). Most of my clients seek out my coaching services to talk through personal and professional transitions. Much of my coaching is related to career exploration, work identity, job search, professional pivots, and how to optimize/showcase talents and skills for a new job opportunity and/or to start their own business. Learn more about how and why I started coaching.

Is coaching for me?

Is coaching for you? If you’re feeling stuck, you want to talk about decisions, you’re looking to set & reach specific goals, or you want support with what direction or actions to take next — you might need a coach. Coaching will offer you a space to think, talk, ideate, and map out your professional path with me as your accountability partner as you design a work life you want lead. Still not sure? Just book a FREE coaching exploration session to see if it’s the right time and if I’m the best coach for you!

Can you coach me on other topics?

Absolutely! Although a number of my clients come with career-related topics in mind, I have also supported the following topics and goals in coaching sessions: motivation, morning routines, podcasting, learning design, academic writing, applying to graduate school, financial planning, project management, fitness, community development, branding/marketing, etc. We can talk about more than just your career!

I’m interested — what’s the cost?

There are a few different options for my coaching services — we can meet for either 30-minute or 60-minute sessions. 30-minute package options include: 3 ($425) or 4 ($625) sessions. 60-minute package options include: 3 ($550), 6 ($975), and 12 ($1800) sessions. For clients who are unemployed or between jobs, there are options for a sliding scale/discount for any of the above packages.