Podcasting is an accessible way to share stories, amplify voices, spread ideas, and more! I am a fan of podcasts for my own learning and leisure, and I support others in their own podcasting adventures through trainings, workshops, and resources — visit: How To Podcast. I am have been a producer and host since 2010, and here are a few podcasts I co-host and wrangle these days. Happy listening!

breakdrink_iconBreakDrink is an occasional chat with Jeff (@jeffjacksonTX) and Laura (@laurapasquini) about life, work, current events, and random stuff. It’s a to encourage you to take a break from the day and have a friend fill your cup.


In Vino Fabulum, means: In Wine, Story!  Patrice (@profpatrice) & Laura (@laurapasquini) co-host the#InVinoFab Podcast to share personal stories about women+, learn about wine, and talk about issues, ideas, and more. Grab your glass to  join the conversation.

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