Podcasting is a fun way to share stories, amplify voices, spread ideas, and more! I am a fan of podcasts for my own learning and leisure, and I support others in their own podcasting  development adventures by 1:1 consultations, trainings workshops, and with open learning resources — visit: How To Podcast.

Beyond being an avid subscriber and listener of podcasts, I have been a podcast producer, editor, and host since 2010. Here are a few of the current podcasts I create. Happy listening!

25YearsOfEdTechPodcastThe 25 Years of Ed Tech podcast is a serialized audio version of the book 25 Years of Ed Tech, written by Martin Weller of the Open University and published by Athabasca University Press. Every Monday a new chapter of the book is released as a serialized podcast. The audio version of the book is a collaborative project with a global community of volunteers contributing their voices to narrate each chapter and produced by Clint Lalonde. In addition, there is a “book club” episode released each Thursday that I host with friends of the pod called “Between the Chapters” to discuss the chapter topic to share what was going on that year for teaching, learning and technology. Follow @YearsEd on Twitter and subscribe/listen at: https://25years.opened.ca/

coachingthroughit_artworkIn Coaching Through It, co-hosts and coaches, Julie Larsen & Laura Pasquini, bring their ideas, questions, perspectives, & insights to their own coaching practice. Whether you’re making a big decision, exploring a new path, planning a project, or you just want to learn how coaching might help you. In each episode we’ll introduce you to our coaching practice with powerful questions, reflections from our training, and coaching tools/techniques, and applying how coaching fits into our work and personal lives. Tune into our coaching chat… Coaching Through It [subscribe!] + follow the pod on Instagram and Twitter: @CoachingThruIt

learnperform_mixtape-1Learn/Perform Mixtape is a podcast designed to help me study and prepare for the Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) exams. These episodes will work through the Association for Talent Development Competency Model to study topics related to learning and performance. These 99+ episodes will be shared via my Twitter account & you can join my audio study sessions by as you Listen/Subscribe.

InVinoFab_podIn Vino Fabulum, means: In Wine, Story! Patrice (@profpatrice) & Laura (@laurapasquini) co-host the #InVinoFab Podcast to share personal stories about/for/from women+ from their community. Come learn about wine, talk about issues, share about work, and more. Grab your glass to  join the conversation. Connect to us on Twitter @InVinoFab, Instagram, Listen/Subscribe, & find the full catalog of #InVinoFab episodes to enjoy!


BreakDrink is an occasional chat with Jeff (@jeffjacksonTX) and Laura (@laurapasquini) about life, work, tacos, current events, learning, dogs, and random stuff. It’s a podcast to encourage you to take a break from the day and have a friend fill your cup. Follow on Twitter @BreakDrink, Instagram, & Listen/Subscribe


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