Laura Pasquini explores how knowledge, technology, and community influence learning and performance. Her work centers on evidence-based practice and innovative design to create optimal work and educational environments. As a seasoned learning and research design consultant, she helps organizations and teams identify performance gaps and develop effective learning solutions.

 As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Pasquini investigates and applies evidence for research on mentoring experiences, networked practices, open, online communities, digital professional identity development, and digital learning environments. She consults with various organizations, educational institutions, non-profit groups, and corporate associations on the stewardship of technology to improve performance, find learning solutions, and develop community culture. You can often find Laura curating a wealth of ideas on Twitter, as @laurapasquini and learning out loud on her podcasts: Learn/Perform Mixtape, BreakDrink, and #InVinoFab. To gain insights about talent development, learning, and performance, follow and subscribe to the blog section of this website.

Welcome to techKNOWtools

technē: From the ancient Greek, to describe as art, skill, craft, or even craftiness; ingenuity; manual craft work + logos: word speech or literacy; reason = technology
knowledge: the capacity for understanding; familiarity; awareness of fact; news, notice, information; learning; organized body of acts or teachings.
tool (tol): From old English; n. instrument, implement used in crafts or by laborers; v. to manage skillfully; to work or shape with; to drive a vehicle.


Contact Laura for any requests for consulting, training, speaking opportunities, digital developments, and/or research inquiries via email at: techknowtoolsllc@gmail.com Or you can find a time for us to connect and meet.


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