Laura Pasquini is interested in understanding how learning, technology, and knowledge are woven into professional networks and workplace performance.  With almost fifteen years’ experience in the Canadian and US higher education sector, Dr. Pasquini’s experiences weave academic affairs, student support, and faculty teaching and research together. These institutional experiences expand across disciplines and domains to connect academic advising, instructional design, student development, career mentoring, teaching, and scholarship. Laura cares how we will continue to work, learn, and thrive in our professional communities and work environments.

As an early career scholar-practitioner, Dr. Pasquini teaches and researches mentoring experiences, networked practices, online communities, digital professional identity development, and collaborative learning environments. She consults with various education institutions, non-profit and corporate associations on the stewardship of technology for designing networked learning, improving organizational culture, and enhancing open, collective projects. Other areas of research and training include organizational change management, team & group dynamics, learner support services, curriculum design, talent development, and performance assessment.

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technē: From the ancient Greek, to describe as art, skill, craft, or even craftiness; ingenuity; manual craft work + logos: word speech or literacy; reason = technology
knowledge: the capacity for understanding; familiarity; awareness of fact; news, notice, information; learning; organized body of acts or teachings.
tool (tol): From old English; n. instrument, implement used in crafts or by laborers; v. to manage skillfully; to work or shape with; to drive a vehicle.

This is a place where Laura Pasquini reflects and shares ideas on how knowledge, technology, and community influence learning & professional development.

Laura’s professional service and leadership highlights include:

You can often find Laura curating a wealth of goodness on Twitter, as @laurapasquini, podcasting with BreakDrink and In Vino Fabulum (#InVinoFab); while writing about organizational development, technology for learning, knowledge management, and current projects on her blog.

Consulting & Speaking Focus: Learning technology, digital learning & development, organizational change management, team & group dynamics, online academic advising and/or student support, career exploration/development, curriculum design, social media for learning, mentoring, networked practices, learning/performance assessment, and digital storytelling through podcasts, video animations, and blog narratives.


Contact Laura for any requests for consulting, training, speaking opportunities, digital developments, and/or research inquiries via email at: techknowtoolsllc@gmail.com Or you can find a time for us to connect and meet.


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