Explainer Videos

In thinking about the research, scholarship, teaching, and the work we do in higher education, how often do we share our ideas openly and “in plain English” for others to digest? I have always been a fan of the lol my thesis; however, I am more impressed by those who can meet the Three Minute Thesis challenge or have contributed to the Research in Plain English blog posts in the #phdchat community. One reason I am a fan of all of the above is pure and simple – knowledge sharing for public audiences of all kinds. These acts and events require professionals, practitioners, and scholars to summarize the “so what” of their work or to pitch a project, like the SXSW Panel Picker:

Similar to the TED Talk, short visualizations and animated presentation offers a NEW way to share a concept, finding, or idea to engage with an unfamiliar audience. Here is an example of a research project and academic journal article, I explained about my own scholarship:

For over three years, I have drafted scripts, narrated videos, and designed the animate for a number of journal articles, reports, project ideas, and lessons for the Research Shorts YouTube Channel for The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group.

Watch and subscribe to the Research Shorts channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/researchshorts Want to learn more about how I got started making explainer videos for research, projects, and ideas? Here is a blog about this process (time, tone, and value) involved with the development of the Research Shorts.

If you are interested in collaborating on a creative works and/or are seeking someone to partner with to explain your project, event, or training to add visual design to your scholarship and work, please feel free to email me at:  techknowtoolsllc@gmail.com