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I like to make things. Some of these things are digital, and often these digital makes should be openly shared. This section of my website is created to showcase a few of these projects that have been created for communities, learning networks, courses, contracts, consulting, research, and more. You will find links to explainer videos, narration/audio projects, and visual doodles/drawings. Enjoy!


Find my typography and illustration designs explaining learning concepts and making complicated ideas simple on:


In working with The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group I contributed to scholarship projects related to the impact of open, online, and networked learning experiences. Additionally, I contributed to scripting, animation, and production of whiteboard “explainer” videos to share ideas, academic articles, and projects via the Research Shorts YouTube channel:

In exploring social media guidance and networked communities/practices, I have learned a great deal about how professionals develop their identity and establish personal learning networks online. In contributing to Erik Qualman’s book, What Happens on Campus Stays On YouTube, I think it is a critical time to consider how higher education staff/faculty proactively support and navigate online interactions with campus stakeholders to model and mentor digital citizenship.

[Disclaimer: The contents of this site represent the personal thoughts, opinions, and research of Laura A. Pasquini, which may or may not represent the opinions of her past, current, or future employers.]

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