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Engaging Tomorrow’s Learners

While reading articles for an assignment, I stumbled upon a decent read in the T+D Magazine put out by ASTD called “The Time Has Come to Embrace Millennial Perspectives.” The article linked up to an interesting white paper about Millennials from Millennial Inc.

The white paper shared strategies and ideas of how to best engage Generation Y in the workplace. This got me thinking that a similar list could be applied to our learners. It is critical  and how we engage our students inside and outside the classroom at our institutions.

Here are a few ideas on how to meet our Millennial learners in higher education (adopted from the business workplace 10 core principles):
  1. Encourage open collaboration across the campus.
  2. Ask more from each student, faculty & staff.
  3. Recognize and reward good ideas, wherever they exist on campus.
  4. Use technology to customize services, resources and to personalize communications.
  5. Maintain high-quality learning curriculum and student services.
  6. Integrate responsibility on your campus.
  7. Connect to students in authentic, relevant, and meaningful ways.
  8. Keep two-way communication open by partnering with your students.
  9. Create opportunities that encourage students to share their positive experiences, leveraging word-of-mouth interest, and increase involvement on campus.
  10. Continually search, evolve, and find new ways of learning.

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