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Stopping by #SxSW

#SxSW has attracted the interactive, film and music fans from around the world to Austin, TX every March. This year @julieclarsen decided to drop into the interactive part – #SxSWi – since we are only 3.5 hours north of the fun.

Although our road trip was short, we managed to soak in all that #SXSW was offering for the interactive time. There are loads of events and happenings for non-registered fans, and it gave us a sample of what we might attend next year – because we’re very interested in playing & engaging with some of the great panel sessions too.

Here are a few #SxSW highlights from the rogue attendees:

  • There’s an app for that! – Many new startups, apps and more begin to shine at #SxSW. We were texting beside the CEO/Founder, Mike, of Hashable & also met the developers from PunchTab who just launched their online reward program 5 days before #SxSWi.
  • FREE! is the name of the game – There are loads of fun things to do & see for the frugal-minded geek. Many happenings were found on the street or at an RSVP gathering within the 4th-6th Street limits.
  • Time to Play Ping pong, Foursquare, Geek Games from Mashable &  frolicking is key for the #SxSWi. Loads of events happening on the street, in a parking lot and around town to enjoy. And there is tonnes of fun being tweeted & broadcasted about what is happening around town.
  • Celebrity Sighting – If you want to see a few stars, they are sure to appear in front of a camera or microphone for an interview near you (on the street). We saw Danny Devito interview for an upcoming film he’s producing, but other friends met Conan O’Brien, Dane Cook, Juno, Mike Tyson and then some.
  • Ideas, Solutions & Blue Skies – There are loads of great panels, talks and discussions about what’s to come in the techie realm.
  • Points to Ponder – This event had my mind spinning for ideas to research, develop, and create. Imagine if I attended more of the convention. Unreal.
  • BEST PART = Meet & Greet – There are loads of people in Austin on the street who are open to chatting & gathering. I recommend a local cafe or watering hole such as South Congress Cafe, Fado, Stubbs BBQ or The Gingerman. It was a great weekend to connect & meet a few #SAChat friends IRL.

Besides meeting @EdCabellon, Julie & I met up with a few #SAChat friends such as @bradpopiolek, @jeffjackson, @SueBecks, @lizgross144@marlenabh, @reyjunco, @stephwint, @PetePereira, @lynnellison & @LauraLambeth (who took some fab photogs from the #SASxSW TweetUp because I was too chatty and less of a photographer :)) at Rudy’s BBQ. We feasted & chatted over some Texas finest BBQ. Our meeting was cut short by my scholastic obligations (who puts a test on Saturday night of Spring Break?), however I do hope to connect and visit with more local & faraway #SAChat friends in the future.

BIG kudos goes out to Brad, our Austin host with the most, and Julie, the ultimate road warrior. Here’s to more gatherings of technology and fun in the future! Learning is best when it’s crowd-sourced & IRL.

2 thoughts on “Stopping by #SxSW”

  1. It was such a pleasure finally meeting you and Julie and I’m glad we got an extra night out to hang prior to the Tweetup. Looking forward to more hanging out in Baltimore next week!


  2. Love this! 🙂 I would like to point out that I didn’t take too many of the photos – @EmilyaCarlton did since I dragged her along and I was also being chatty – it gave her something to do!

    Thanks for posting this – it’s great to learn through your experiences! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can do this next year?


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