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Delicious Until the Last Sip… Goodbye @BreakDrink!

It’s been a while coming, but a couple of days ago Papa BreakDrink, Jeff Jackson, pulled the plug on I am sad to see it go, but I am happy for what it was. This side project brought together a collaborative spirit of sharing and discussion around topics in Student Affairs and Higher Education, specifically “dedicated to providing alternative forms of professional development.” For the experiences, interactions, and laughs – I am fortunate to have had the pleasure. Thanks BreakDrink Family & Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) listeners/friends.  [p.s. There are a number of our shows sitting in the archives should you want to take a listening walk down memory lane or check it out for the first time.]

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 Over the last few years a number of new (social media) spaces and places have appeared for Student and Academic Affairs professionals to flock to for trends, issues, news, learning, and connection. It might be my lack of interest in competing in the higher ed market place to be “the next big thing” online, or just a shift in personal and/or academic priorities – but it is time to say farewell to
breakdrink_icon I would like to sincerely thank Jeff Jackson for instigating @BreakDrink, and inviting me via a Twitter DM to join the fun with Jeff Lail & then Bruce Mann. From thoughtful discussions, interesting debates, lively podcast interviews, snarky comments, new online training initiatives, mentoring relationships, and growing friendships – I say a fond goodbye to the BreakDrink family and friends. This community of practice has been a solid part of my informal/alternative professional development plan. From this beginning, I have continued to research and work in this area of higher education, and I am grateful to those who lit this spark.
I owe a great deal to many who are accomplices to the BreakDrink experience,  (see Jeff’s Pull the Plug Post) by contributing as podcasters, bloggers, creatives, brainstormers, and then some – I’m looking at you Julie Larsen. As we close this chapter of our lives, I am proud to say that I am leaving BreakDrink with some new tech skills, a broader understanding about things in the Student Affairs and Ed Tech realm, a new support professional network, and a few amazing people in my life. Here’s to our continued friendship, learning and sharing, BreakDrink Family! Until the next podcast or blog post… Laura Pasquini, for @BreakDrink #CTCX is signing off from! {Cue the closing music.}
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Thanks to Break Drink and almost a year of broadcasting weekly shows, I can official say I am a podcaster. Does this mean anything to anyone? Probably not – but for me it sure has. The Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) has helped me to engage and inquire about all things tech, student affairs, higher education and then some. Break Drink recently celebrated the 100th Podcast by bringing the entire group of podcasters together. The BreakDrink team, which includes the #StudentAffairs, #OnDuty, #CTCX, #EDUsports podcastor and contributor ARL275, were able to reflect and share their own podcasting experiences. 

I have been producing and participating in the podcasting since 2007 [first with the Academic Advising & Career Centre at UTSC], however my recent podcast times with Break Drink have been more frequent and regular. Unlike a blog, podcasting allows me to put a real voice behind some thoughts, resources and ideas. With my co-hosts,  Jeff Jackson & Jeff Lail, I have learned and engaged more in my academic and professional development. 

Here is a past presentation I pulled from my archives for others who might be interested in entering into the podcast realm. This is just  a start, however perhaps it will kick start your podcasting plans.

Here are just a few things I have learned and enjoyed as a Break Drink #CTCX podcaster:

  • You have to ENJOY it – if you like what you’re talking about it keeps the listeners interested & coming back for more
  • It is a Process – we have learned & improved along the way; it is okay to make mistakes
  • Gadget & Tools – identify what hardware and online resources work best for YOU. There are LOADS out there free & paid
  • Be Genuine – you are there to have a bit of a chat; be yourself
  • Plan – it’s okay to have a plan/script to keep you on track especially if you have many hosts & multiple interview questions
  • Co-Host Backchannel – we use IM on Google Chat to keep the flow & avoid talking over each other
  • Get to Know Your Audience – engaging in the Meebo room & the #CTCX backchannel on Twitter lets your live listeners play
  • Ask & Invite – We have invited some pretty amazing guests who we would not have talked to if we did not ask them to join 
  • SHARE! – not only do we talk, but we also post links & resources on a blog each week to follow up from the show
  • Be Open – to feedback, collaboration and new ideas! 
  • Teamwork – it has been great to put a schedule, invite guests and plan topics a a group
  • Always More – The learning never stops – there is always more trends, innovations, happenings and questions to ask