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Webheads in Action

Looking to engage with other communities of practice online?  Then be sure to check out the Webheads in Action Online Convergence 2009 happening NOW and this weekend (May 22-24, 2009).


The Webheads are a world-wide, cross-cultural, and vibrant online-community of educators with an open enrollment for anyone who wants to join.

I am going to tune into a bit on UStream, check out the traffic on Twitter (hashtag WiAOC) & then call it a day.

Happy Weekend to all!

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Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World

The Higher Education Academy and JISC have recently (May 12, 2009) published a new Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World report (also available as a PDF), which examines the projected future trends in the use of technology in higher education.

The group was created in February 2008 to conduct independent research and review policy implications for higher education, specifically around the experience and expectations of learners and the increase of emerging technologies.

higher ed

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The HE in a Web 2.0 World report analyzes the use of web 2.0 technologies at colleges & universities in the UK, with regards to the digital divide and information literacy. It is clear that various institutions are utilizing online resources in various ways to support learning and engagement.

Issues that will continue to prompt change in higher ed include:

  • Tradition
  • Environmental factors
  • Diversity in the learner population
  • A richer educational experience
  • Practice in schools
  • Open source materials and online universities
  • Skills development
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Campus Technology Conference 2009

Campus Technology Conference

July 27–30, 2009
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

Reasons to attend:

  1. A New Approach to your Academic Technology Future
  2. Real Information from the Real World
  3. Nonstop Networking Opportunities
  4. Collegial Environment
  5. The American Experience


If you can make the conference, I am sure that it would be well worth it.  I know that my professional development budget has been spent, so I will just stay tuned for the archives.  Here are recordings from the 2008 Conference.

For more information & updates be sure to follow @Campus_Tech on twitter.


Update:  Just found a FREE Conference from Purdue University if you happen to live close by.  

April 21- 22, 2009

NACADA Tech Seminar 2009

NACADA Presentation & Resource Archive

New Trends in Technology for NACADA

Today was a pretty exciting for NACADA as they host their 1st NACADA Technology Seminar with 118 participants in Clearwater Beach, FL. The sessions were filled with lots online tools & resources. It was great to follow up these sessions with discussions at lunch & in Learning Communities on how to use these mediums for advising. I enjoyed the sharing, questions, & thoughts about the future face of advising & technology. There is definitely room and space for this discussion to continue tomorrow – and onwards!

Be sure to stay connected to the many resources & presentations that are being shared at NACADA Tech, to help you work on you plans & development for technology:

  1. NACADA Presentation Archive (this will be updated as they are posted)
  2. The NACADA Tech Hub
  3. Faculty Wiki & Pages: Karen, George, Eric & Laura

Happy sleeps to all! We shall continue this tomorrow…and beyond.

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It’s Coming… The NACADA Tech Seminar!!!

Speaking of hot, new & exciting (see previous post)… Did you know that 1 month from now the NACADA Tech team will be hosting an interactive & engaging seminar on working with technology & advising?

Check out it out & get linked to the NACADA Technology Seminar TODAY!


February 12-13th will not just be about sun n’ fun in Clearwater, Florida. This innovative seminar is breaking the institute frontier with its new style & format. The NACADA Technology Seminar is designed to immerse participants in web 2.0 technologies, explore practical uses for advising, and encourage collaboration amongst colleagues.

For more details about the NACADA Tech Seminar, registration & more be sure to go visit the Winter seminars on the NACADA website. Hope to see you there!