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An Open Educator

Last September I joined a pretty interesting course I heard about on Twitter called EC&I 831: Social Media & Open Education. Little did I know how much learning and engagement an online course could provide in just one semester.

Dr. Alec Couros , from the University of Regina, is the faculty who facilitated this open, online graduate course and I participated as a non-credit student during the Fall 2009. Although this course did not go towards any specific degree requirements for my Ph.D. program, it did influence my practice with social media as a learner, researcher, and educator. Along with other students (credit & non-credit), I was introduced to a myriad of #edtech topics, online resources, pioneers in the #edtech field (See ARCHIVED Fall 2009), and, of course, it helped build my personal learning network.

The Networked Teacher c/o courosa on Flickr

So it was only fitting that just shy of a year later, I am fortunate to discuss the great impacts EC&I 831 made on me and more! Dr. Couros shared his philosophy on open education, his open tenure application, involvement in social media & justice and his experience as an open educator using social media for instruction, research, publications and professional development.

The Campus Tech Connection had a very enjoyable chat with @courosa on the CTC #10 podcast to discuss his experience and process as an open educator. Both @jacksonj and I agree – that he was a delight to talk with and learn from. We would welcome him back anytime in the future as a guest, or heck, even an honorary host of the #CTC podcast.

Are you interested and have time to take a class this Fall? Then I would strongly suggest you participate as a non-credit student in EC & I 831: Social Media & Open Education.

See you NEXT week for the Campus Tech Connection #11 on Monday, September 13, 2010 at 7 pm CDT with guest Ed Cabellon (@EdCabellon).

For now enjoy LAST week’s show with Alec HERE


Dr. Couros just posted about his Open Graduate Course & Call for Network Mentors on his blog… including a great new promo video for the course:

2 thoughts on “An Open Educator”

  1. Nice summary, Laura! I was enrolled in this course last year as well (also as a non-credit participant) and really enjoyed the experience. The non-credit option allows for a great deal of flexibility. I appreciated that the weekly Elluminate sessions were recorded (I watched most of them on weekends). The course also was a nice launch into the use of Twitter, building a PLN, and regular blogging, at least for me. Are you planning to continue as a Network Mentor?


  2. Thanks, Melissa! I really enjoyed the class curriculum & the learning network that grew from and beyond that class.

    I am definitely trying to stay connected and I would love to be a network mentor and/or support this course in the fall.


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