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Second Life, WOW & Augmented Reality… OH My!

Last week, on the Campus Tech Connection Show #10, we had a lovely chat with guest Sarah @Intellagirl Robbins.

Sarah discussed her experiences with new media as a graduate student and now as an instructor in the realm of emerging technology. Being on the forefront of this evolving digital landscape allowed her to participate, experiment and contribute to the dialog  for new media in higher education curriculum.  Sarah  co-authored the book Second Life for Dummies and she provided our podcasting crew with ideas for managing emerging technology in the early days.

It was interesting to hear about Sarah’s best practices for incorporating  gaming and virtual worlds into the classroom. I am not an active participant in the realm of Second Life or World of Warcraft (WOW), however I am aware of the great capabilities these online communities provide to users. Both faculty and staff in higher education are exploring these  virtual spaces to engage in learning beyond a traditional campus experience.

Later our discussions moved towards the power of geotagging, location based applications and the evolution of augmented reality. Here are a few of the great resources we discussed during this show for you to explore:

Tune in tonight as we talk with Dr. Alec Couros, a great open educator from the University of Regina, on our Campus Tech Connection show at 7 pm CDT:

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