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Determining Trends & Issues

The fall semester has kicked off into full swing and now the third week of school is coming to a close. This means many classes and assignments are underway, and the time for research and reflection is upon us – by that I mean homework and assignments.

ATTD 6210 – Trends and Issues in Applied Technology, Training and Development

A study of current national trends and issues in the fields of applied technology, training and development. Emphasis on topics related to leadership, organizational culture and total quality improvement.

The objective of this course is to research topics and trends that can best be applied to our professional fields of education, human resources and beyond since learners in our class have a varied professional background. This is one of the few courses for the ATPI Doc Program, and a starting point to engage in research and writing for publications. The goal for our first assignment is to provide a trends/issues report and key points to share for our next online session in Wimba.

Here are the “Trends/Issues” topics our class identified the other evening. This process took place after a review of over 100 articles,multiple reviews from peers, clustering of trend topics and debates of the groups (all completed in an online webinar format – FUN!) :

• Technology and Learning
• Workforce Diversity
• Performance Management/Consulting/Corporate Training
• Educator Quality – K-12 to Higher Education
• Learning Styles and Learning Models

Over the course of the term, I will do my best to include an article or thoughts on late breaking trends for a few of these themes listed above. I encourage readers to send any “hot topics” or readings I might have not stumbled upon on the way. I promise to commit a post or two each week for this reflection and sharing, as I think that blogging helps to work out the thought process and makes me a more informed learner/educator.

Past trends and tags from my blog include the following topics

Let’s see how much I can expand this Wordle by December 2010.

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