Learning Technologies

Technology Assists Learning.

Technology is often created to make things more efficient and our lives easier.  I also think that there has been excellent developments in the field of technology to support our various learning needs. 

New technology, such as the Kindle II e-reader, are supporting learners who have disabilities and also offer text-to-speech support.  I think I first viewed this gadget as a new reading toy, but this little device has such a greater purpose for supporting learners.

  Other technologies that are assisting the classroom include:

  • SMART Boards: interactive white boards engage learners
  • Free video lectures: streamed on the internet or downloadable
  • Class portal: lecture notes, slides & other course material; discussion board and option for virtual office hours

Students are using technologies that are often free, social and portable:

  • Accessible mobiles & PDAs
  • Laptops
  • Digital cameras (with CapturaTalk)
  • Screen shot readers
  • iPods or mp3 players to view recorded lectures

What are other new technologies that YOU have seen students utilizing at your institution to help them learn?


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