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#CTCX #58: The Leap Show – The #EdTech Horizon Report 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Since this only happens every 4 years, the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) will be hosting a podcast to TODAY at 12 pm CST to talk about leaping forward with technology in higher education. We were joined by@EricStoller   on the podcast & Google + Hangout to discuss the 2012 Horizon Report and how it impacts Student Affairs and Technology (#SAtech). Here’s the recorded podcast if you missed it.

The Horizon Project has been a collaborative effort between the New Media Consortium (NMC) Emerging Technologies Initiative and EDUCAUSE  to help map out the emerging technologies for teaching, learning, research, creative inquiry, and information management.  The Horizon Report was first launched in 2002 to help educators and thought leaders share  strategies, research and analysis around how technologies can effectively support learning.

DOWNLOAD the full 2012 Horizon Report HERE

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CTCX #57: Getting Connected in Higher Ed, Part II

Join the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) podcast LIVE today (2/13) from 12-1 pm CST as we have an action-packed line up of guests to share how to get connected in Higher Education. Our guests include:

#CTCX #SAtech Highlight of the week:

@katieschmalzel and @jjwil325 from the @SAFirstYears team will tell us about their blogging adventures at Student Affairs – the First Years. This blog connects first year professionals and graduate students share their stories and experiences of life, work, and play in student affairs. Learn about how the 10 writers post each week to attract over 2,000 on their blog.


Bob Ertischek [@profology] founder of Profology a professional social network created exclusively for higher education faculty, staff and administrators. Bob has been an adjunct and full-time faculty member, teaching classes in Political Science and Business Law at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. He has also worked in non-faculty roles in higher education in distance and online learning as a faculty developer and instructional technologist at Rochester Institute of Technology. Bob was a member of the Horizon Project Advisory Board in 2004. Prior to working in Higher Education, Bob practiced law and received his Juris Doctor degree from Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia. Bob is married to Faith and has two daughters, Lily and Miranda. Learn how this social network is evolving to connect our higher education peers!


Mark Mruss [@MarkAtAndromo] is a developer at Andromo – a free and easy-to-use professional Android app maker. He’s been programming ever since his parents got him CoCo 3 computer for Christmas. Mark majored in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba, and joined Indigo Rose shortly after graduation. He spent about ten years writting software in C++ designed for Windows developers, and then in early 2011 the company decided to look in a different direction to began mobile development. Although Mark taught himself Python & blogged about it – he does get a chance to leave his nerd behind while hanging out with his son, listening to music,  and riding his bike to work (in the summer – because Winnipeg is COLD). Mark is a beer lover who has been homebrewing for the last two and a half years, and he even grows hops in his own backyard. Come learn how a non-programmer can create an mobile app!

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#CTCX No. 56: Getting Connected in Higher Ed, Part I

Join the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) today LIVE from 12-1 pm CST as we talk about the latest tech news and discuss how higher education is getting more connected by the minute with our guests. 

#CTCX #SATech Highlight of the Week: #SAsearch
Laura Megivern – thesasearch.org  – @thesasearch 

#CTCX Guest: Mike Petroff (@mikepetroff)

EDUTweetups (originally at edutweetups.com) was acquired by Inside Higher Ed, and we’re currently building out a section on their site to
be the Twitter Calendar for Higher Ed. Learn how it will be promoting events, weekly chats and hashtags.

Also learn about the NEW FollowEDU network. This is a searchable directory of Twitter users in higher ed. Learn how Mike started this project from with developers from Stamats Catchfire and hear more about how the recent launch is going.

Join us today:

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F8: Reviewing the Facebook Changes with #CTCX

Based on the status updates on Facebook, the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) podcasting crew thought that it would be real & relevant time to discuss the changes to Facebook.  How will one of the biggest social networks impact our learners? Or will it?

Last week’s F8 shared changes ahead to one of the biggest social networks: https://f8.facebook.com/ 

Mashable did a great job to highlight some of these new features on Facebook’s Latest Changes: A Hands-On Look [PICS]. Some of these updates will really impact how Student Affairs and Higher Ed professionals use this social network for program development, communication plans,  and campus social media strategy. Was the best part of the F8 when Andy Samberg impersonates of Mark Zuckerberg? You decide:

Join us TONIGHT (9/26) as #CTCX & @julieclarsen gives the F8 & New Facebook upgrades a review. We would LOVE to hear your opinion and thoughts – joins us LIVE at 7 pm CST:

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The Summer #CTCX Highlights

I can’t believe that the summer is coming to a close. Time flies when you’re doing a whole lot of podcasting with the BreakDrink Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX). The #CTCX Crew think that Billy Madison says it best for this time of year…

The Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) show is taking a break tonight in the midst of semester start fun. The #CTCX posse went strong this summer and produced a whole bunch of shows with great talks, topics & guests. Check out the blog posts, notes & recorded podcasts below while we take a break this week to recharge and kick off the Fall semester right:

We will be back LIVE on August 29th as @lukelibrarian joins #CTCX as a guest co-host to discuss how Student Affairs & Librarians can team up to support student success, engagement and community development on campus.  The #CTCX crew would love to hear your thoughts, questions & ideas:

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