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#CTCX No. 56: Getting Connected in Higher Ed, Part I

Join the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) today LIVE from 12-1 pm CST as we talk about the latest tech news and discuss how higher education is getting more connected by the minute with our guests. 

#CTCX #SATech Highlight of the Week: #SAsearch
Laura Megivern –  – @thesasearch 

#CTCX Guest: Mike Petroff (@mikepetroff)

EDUTweetups (originally at was acquired by Inside Higher Ed, and we’re currently building out a section on their site to
be the Twitter Calendar for Higher Ed. Learn how it will be promoting events, weekly chats and hashtags.

Also learn about the NEW FollowEDU network. This is a searchable directory of Twitter users in higher ed. Learn how Mike started this project from with developers from Stamats Catchfire and hear more about how the recent launch is going.

Join us today:

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F8: Reviewing the Facebook Changes with #CTCX

Based on the status updates on Facebook, the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) podcasting crew thought that it would be real & relevant time to discuss the changes to Facebook.  How will one of the biggest social networks impact our learners? Or will it?

Last week’s F8 shared changes ahead to one of the biggest social networks: 

Mashable did a great job to highlight some of these new features on Facebook’s Latest Changes: A Hands-On Look [PICS]. Some of these updates will really impact how Student Affairs and Higher Ed professionals use this social network for program development, communication plans,  and campus social media strategy. Was the best part of the F8 when Andy Samberg impersonates of Mark Zuckerberg? You decide:

Join us TONIGHT (9/26) as #CTCX & @julieclarsen gives the F8 & New Facebook upgrades a review. We would LOVE to hear your opinion and thoughts – joins us LIVE at 7 pm CST:

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The Summer #CTCX Highlights

I can’t believe that the summer is coming to a close. Time flies when you’re doing a whole lot of podcasting with the BreakDrink Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX). The #CTCX Crew think that Billy Madison says it best for this time of year…

The Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) show is taking a break tonight in the midst of semester start fun. The #CTCX posse went strong this summer and produced a whole bunch of shows with great talks, topics & guests. Check out the blog posts, notes & recorded podcasts below while we take a break this week to recharge and kick off the Fall semester right:

We will be back LIVE on August 29th as @lukelibrarian joins #CTCX as a guest co-host to discuss how Student Affairs & Librarians can team up to support student success, engagement and community development on campus.  The #CTCX crew would love to hear your thoughts, questions & ideas:

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Emerging #SAtech Jobs in the Field of Student Affairs – Skills to Pay The Bills on #CTCX

Join us tonight on the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) show LIVE 7-8 pm CST as we discuss skills and opportunities in the growing field of #SAtech with our guest co-host Brad Popiolek. We will be discussing the variety of #SAtech Jobs in the field of Student Affairs and considering the following questions on the podcast:

  • How can SA professionals can gain practical skills and abilities and transfer them into any job?
  • What sort of experiences new #SAtech positions encounter – challenges & benefits
  • How can you position yourself for an #SAtech or technology job beyond student affairs?

The #CTCX posse would love to hear your thoughts, questions & ideas:

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Collaboration Required: #CTCX Discuss How Tech Can Support the Evolution of #HigherEd

In a recent broadcast on NPR, Don Tapscott shared his ideas on Rethinking How We Teach the ‘Net Generation’. Education models in higher education to meet the needs of today’s learner. A chapter in his latest book, Macrowikinomics, is dedicated to how higher education institutions need to change, specifically with regards to learning pedagogy and content creation. 

Flickr photo c/o kjiersten

In thinking about how the future of higher education will evolve beyond the classroom, I was wondering how Student Affairs and other Higher Education professionals can best support today’s learner. Higher education has been recently challenged with economic crisis, accountability questions and increased demands the employment market. It is important that higher education professionals consider the new dimensions and requirements to support our students, distribute information and organize services on campus. In a recent BreakDrink Snackable Session, @suebecks presented an idea on collaborating on a global level to swap ideas, share resources, answer questions and engage in a broad conversation that needs to occur in #HigherEd:

After this mini presentation, there was a thoughtful online dialogue with participants who shared their thoughts and perspectives on the issue. Many agreed that higher education could be better supported and improve through a global network for collaboration. There are many easy and accessible tools to drive this momentum and manage knowledge. After this session BreakDrink created a wiki to continue the conversation and collaboration of ideas:

HE Wiki 

“With such a networked approach to work and leisure time, traditional university classroom is starting to feel less appropriate.” ~Don Tapscott

  • What does this mean for #StudentAffairs & #HigherEd professionals who support student development?
  • How can SA & HE consider a collaborative approach for student development & student services?
  • Is it the evolution of the #StudentAffairs or #HigherEd professional or the student that needs to change for effective campus engagement?
  • Are there any examples of institutions and campus environments who best support students online or digitally?

Join us on Monday (7/18) at 7 pm CT as the BreakDrink Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) talks LIVE about collaboration in higher education & how tech tools can support this evolution. We will also welcome @KMcCarthy8185 onto the show to discuss her #52in52 project for our NEW show segment called, The 15 Minute #SAtech Share.

Join the #CTCX gang with your thoughts, questions & ideas:

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Will Google+ Be a Plus for Our Learners?

At the end of June, the @BreakDrink Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) discussed Google’s new Chromebook hardware and some of it’s applications on our show. Here is a great as walk-through of the Samsung 5 Chromebook c/o our listener @brifanning and his co-worker Vlad.

As a student who primarily reads, researches, writes and works online for both classes and in Google applications – the Samsung 5 Chromebook is a good fit for my needs. I like the portability, access to both 3G/Wifi and most of my content is stored online which requires me to have little to no memory space. I still have a my MacBook Pro to support final manuscript edits, listen to my iTunes library, Skype with far away family/friends and so on. This means that my Chromebook is NOT replacing my current computing needs entirely; however it does help me as a full time professional and student as I work on a Mac at home, PC at my office and fulfill my lightweight need for classes/research on campus. A ReadWriteWeb article said it best: It’s not the device itself that matters, it’s how you use it. 

In considering the value of either a Chromebook or netbook for higher education, I can see why some institutions might head for the clouds. Many organizations are finding it far easier, less expensive and more efficient to access resources in the cloud. As budgets are cut and resources shrink, many institutions will consider integrated systems that support the changing IT needs for education.

Here are a few ways higher education professionals could put a Google Chromebook to work on campus:

All things Google (Chromebook, OS, Apps & Plus) is becoming more appealing to educators. Although many features are still in beta mode and integration has been limited between Google products and now Google+ – there is potential to connect and share with learners in this new social space. 
What impact will Google+ have on education and learning? I doubt that Google Plus will replace the enterprise or LMS systems supported by your higher ed institutions just yet; however it could be a great solution for instructors who are searching for alternative learning environments/platforms. Although it is fun to speculate the learning possibilities of Google+, I would be more interested in piloting a course or training program using this social web first. I plan to explore the features it has to offer & find out what new additions are ahead before identifying Google+ as a learning and training tool. Google+ has the potential to support groups for training, development and on-going learning initiatives. There is much to be said about a connected community of online learners who are interested in sharing and engaging. It will be interesting to see what updates Google+ is working on and what happens as otheres flock to the social network to explore.
In the meantime, here are some preliminary thoughts we recently shared on the #CTCX Google+ Preview Show from last week, and the BreakDrink Google+ Overview & Resources Guide for those of you just exploring the Google+ realm.  Please share any resources & links you find about Google+ In the LIVE Google Doc. Thanks!

What do YOU think about Google+so far? Is is a plus for you or for learners?

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Nothing But Web

There are a systems of systems being created. Our data is detected to help up be more efficient and effective at what we do. An interesting video was released from IBM Social Media called The Internet of Things. This video looks at the complex set of relationships among all of these complex systems to see patterns in the data, information and knowledge to support innovation.

Google took great consideration in thinking about how they complex systems apply to the webapplications and extensions, as shared on the Google Channel. In considering how we work, play and interact online – the evolution of Google’s Chromebook appeared mid-June to support this online user. The Chromebook is a new alternative to using a notebook interact and engage online using new features & the Chrome OS. Here’s a quick synopsis via @googlechrome

Join us on Monday (6/27) at 7 pm CT as the BreakDrink Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) talks LIVE about the Chromebook Samsung 5 and more tech tools reviews for higher education professionals. Join the #CTCX gang with your thoughts, questions, ideas or reviews: 

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