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F8: Reviewing the Facebook Changes with #CTCX

Based on the status updates on Facebook, the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) podcasting crew thought that it would be real & relevant time to discuss the changes to Facebook.  How will one of the biggest social networks impact our learners? Or will it?

Last week’s F8 shared changes ahead to one of the biggest social networks: https://f8.facebook.com/ 

Mashable did a great job to highlight some of these new features on Facebook’s Latest Changes: A Hands-On Look [PICS]. Some of these updates will really impact how Student Affairs and Higher Ed professionals use this social network for program development, communication plans,  and campus social media strategy. Was the best part of the F8 when Andy Samberg impersonates of Mark Zuckerberg? You decide:

Join us TONIGHT (9/26) as #CTCX & @julieclarsen gives the F8 & New Facebook upgrades a review. We would LOVE to hear your opinion and thoughts – joins us LIVE at 7 pm CST:

  • Streaming LIVE from Blog Talk Radio-BreakDrink 
  • Listen to the show LIVE & join the conversation in the chat room.
  • Tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #CTCX 
  • Call or Skype during the show:  (646) 652-2342  or breakdrink
This is cross-posted at BreakDrink.com here http://breakdrink.com/2011/09/26/ctcx-and-the-f8-facebook-review/ 

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