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Getting Connected With More #AcAdv at #NACADA11

“NACADA. It’s like a family reunion you want to go to.” ~George Steele

I agree. The Global Community for Academic Advising has been a great group of advising professionals who I am happy to say are in my personal learning network. Many of its members have been in my own learning network for quite some time. I often engage with the #AcAdv community online and during our regular weekly chats. Many of these professionals in advising and connected to NACADA have been there to support me as a sounding board for a project or just to ask advice during a career transition. Last week’s #NACADA11 conference in Denver was a great way to connect and re-connect with advising pros from around the world to share some new ideas and of course have a bit of a chat.

A BIG Thanks goes out to the #NACADA11 Social Media dream team. This great group of advising pros kept the blogging and tweeting alive in the backchannel — while snapping photos and capturing videos. The Twitter backchannel was fantastic, and thanks to Paul Cox we have an excellent archive of the #NACADA11 Tweet HERE: 

I am happy to say that the #NACADA11 Tweet up was a smash! Around 65 advising friends showed up on Monday night sporting their Twitter buttons (created by Starfish) to the Yard House. It was so great to meet so many tweeting advisors IRL and get to know them beyond 140 characters.

Hoo-ray for the rocking #AdvTech Commission meeting! We tried to do some “speed-dating” intros to get to know the cast of characters around the room.

Since Clay is passing the NACADA Technology in Advising Commission Chair throne to me this year, I look forward to getting more of this bright group involved and supporting @NACADA’s move forward with technology. We are a connected & networked group, so one of the first points of collaboration at #NACADA11 was with the NACADA #LGTBA Commission get their NACADA: It Gets Better video channel fired up [Thanks Brian, Julie & Paul]. Are you a NACADA member interested in joining the #AdvTech Commission, but were not able to be there in person in Denver? Here’s the NACADA #AdvTech Sign Up Sheet.

The best part of the #NACADA11 conference, like any conference for me, is always the people. I look forward to staying in touch and continuing the conversation beyond the annual conference. Advisors are social. NACADA has a few ways for advising professionals to stay connected & social online:

Read the NACADA Blog: 

  •  Central hub for social media with access to Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook
  • Comment on quick recaps of major events, videos, pictures, links, and more

  Follow NACADA on Twitter: 

  • Tweeting about conference cancellations, schedule changes, and reminders
  • Use the Twitter Search for tweets with #nacada, #AdvCon, #AcAdv #NACADAR{insert your region number here} , #AdvTech

View NACADA Flickr Photos: 

  Like NACADA on Facebook: 

  • Post your comments, photos, and engage with other members
  • Periodic updates will be posted during and after the conference
But best of all — we will be able to stay connected on Twitter and engage once a week for the regular #AcAdv Chat! Thanks awesome co-presenters & MOD-ers – @howardsj & @peacox  – here is our presentation  and handout:
For some of my advising friends who are just getting social with your media, check out the introductory presentation and handouts from @julieclarsen & me:

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