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#CTCX No. 56: Getting Connected in Higher Ed, Part I

Join the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) today LIVE from 12-1 pm CST as we talk about the latest tech news and discuss how higher education is getting more connected by the minute with our guests. 

#CTCX #SATech Highlight of the Week: #SAsearch
Laura Megivern –  – @thesasearch 

#CTCX Guest: Mike Petroff (@mikepetroff)

EDUTweetups (originally at was acquired by Inside Higher Ed, and we’re currently building out a section on their site to
be the Twitter Calendar for Higher Ed. Learn how it will be promoting events, weekly chats and hashtags.

Also learn about the NEW FollowEDU network. This is a searchable directory of Twitter users in higher ed. Learn how Mike started this project from with developers from Stamats Catchfire and hear more about how the recent launch is going.

Join us today:

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