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The Summer #CTCX Highlights

I can’t believe that the summer is coming to a close. Time flies when you’re doing a whole lot of podcasting with the BreakDrink Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX). The #CTCX Crew think that Billy Madison says it best for this time of year…

The Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) show is taking a break tonight in the midst of semester start fun. The #CTCX posse went strong this summer and produced a whole bunch of shows with great talks, topics & guests. Check out the blog posts, notes & recorded podcasts below while we take a break this week to recharge and kick off the Fall semester right:

We will be back LIVE on August 29th as @lukelibrarian joins #CTCX as a guest co-host to discuss how Student Affairs & Librarians can team up to support student success, engagement and community development on campus.  The #CTCX crew would love to hear your thoughts, questions & ideas:

  • Listen to the show LIVE & join the conversation in the chat room.
  • Tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #CTCX 
  • Call or Skype during the show: (646) 652-2342 or breakdrink
Do you have a tech topic or interest to share on an upcoming #CTCX show? Tell us about it => Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) Podcast Contribution 
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