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Second Life, WOW & Augmented Reality… OH My!

Last week, on the Campus Tech Connection Show #10, we had a lovely chat with guest Sarah @Intellagirl Robbins.

Sarah discussed her experiences with new media as a graduate student and now as an instructor in the realm of emerging technology. Being on the forefront of this evolving digital landscape allowed her to participate, experiment and contribute to the dialog  for new media in higher education curriculum.  Sarah  co-authored the book Second Life for Dummies and she provided our podcasting crew with ideas for managing emerging technology in the early days.

It was interesting to hear about Sarah’s best practices for incorporating  gaming and virtual worlds into the classroom. I am not an active participant in the realm of Second Life or World of Warcraft (WOW), however I am aware of the great capabilities these online communities provide to users. Both faculty and staff in higher education are exploring these  virtual spaces to engage in learning beyond a traditional campus experience.

Later our discussions moved towards the power of geotagging, location based applications and the evolution of augmented reality. Here are a few of the great resources we discussed during this show for you to explore:

Tune in tonight as we talk with Dr. Alec Couros, a great open educator from the University of Regina, on our Campus Tech Connection show at 7 pm CDT:

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Back To School Time is Here!

In honor of back to school time of year, the Campus Tech Connection (CTC) crew hosted a two part series discussing online tools, resources, gadgets & more on the latest podcasts. Both professionals and students in higher education should take advantage of a few tech tools this coming academic year.

Photo credits: Back to School Kids! by jumpergirl on Flickr

This initially started with a blog post from Steve Wheeler (@timebuckteeth), a great edtech educator in the UK who discussed Tools of My Trade in a blog post back in March. In thinking about a few techie things we want to try out this year, we thought the CTC show would be a great forum to discuss and share.

Both episodes were jam packed with resources, so to keep you (and us) on track we archived both podcasts and the many links to all the tech tools that you might want to engage with during this school year. From personal learning networks, to screencasting and new apps to try  — these two podcasts have something for every educator.

Back to School Tech Tools, Part I Podcast & Resource List from August 2, 2010.

Back to School Tech Tools, Part II Podcast & Resource List form August 9, 2010.

Other great back to school techie lists out there:

We would LOVE to hear from you! Please contact the Campus Tech Connection with your feedback, suggestions, comments & more. Leave a message at 732-98-BREAK (27325), tweet with the hashtag#CTC or post a comment on the Break Drink Ed Tech Section and let us know what you want to learn about in the world of higher ed & technology:

Although we are off to pack our back packs this week, we shall return next Monday at 7 pm CDT for more Campus Tech Connection news. Stay tuned for the next couple of shows we have planned with some spectacular guests:

o      August 23rd – Sarah Robbins & @Intellagirl

o      August 30th – Alec Couros & @courosa

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Campus Tech Connection Archives for July

As the summer rolls along, so does the next month of the Campus Tech Connection (CTC) podcasts – have you heard what’s been happening during the month of July on CTC. As I just caught up on the podcasts happenings, I can say that they are worth the listen.

Check them out:

Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics => July 12, 2010 CTC Podcast #5

Photo from

The University and the Future of Knowledge is an excellent talk given by Dr. Parry.

David Parry, Assistant Professor at University of Texas Dallas in the Emerging Media & Communication program

=> July 19, 2010 CTC Podcast #6

Live Video Interview with @ReyJunco from Ed Cabellon on Vimeo.

Rey Junco, Associate Professor in the Department of Academic Development and Counseling & the Director of Disability Services at Lock Haven University => July 26, 2010 CTC Podcast #7

Join the Campus Tech Connection show Monday nights from 7-8 pm CDT here =>

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3. Shy? Or missed us during that time slot? Leave us feedback, thoughts or suggestions by calling 732-98-BREAK (27325)

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Campus Tech Connection in June

Is it just me or does summer seem busier than usual?

The Campus Tech Connection (CTC) radio show/podcast has continued to truck along throughout the month of June.  For those of you who have not been able to tune in live, you should play a little catch up during your summer travels or commute to the office.

Here are the latest & greatest shows straight from Campus Tech Connection June archives:

Anya Kamenetz, author of DIY U – June 14th CTC Podcast archived here

Eric Rank from Flatworld Knowledge – June 21st CTC Podcast archived here

Burck Smith from StraigherLine – June 28th CTC Podcast archived here

Join us tonight (Monday July, 12) on the Campus Tech Connection podcast with guest Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business. Erik is also the Global Vice President of Online Marketing for EF Education.

Be sure to listen live here at 7 pm (CST) or check out the archived recording later when it is posted.

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Take a Break with BreakDrink

BreakDrink was created by Jeff Jackson (a student affairs professional at San Antonio College) to provide the most current news and trends in student affairs.  This initiative was developed to share resources and information for best practices for higher education professionals.  During challenging economic times, this is an excellent way top provide online professional development and to connect a community for higher education practitioners.

The BreakDrink crew is always looking for help and support. If you have ideas, stories or innovative programs you care to share just send an email to Or if you want to check the current “jobs” be sure to visit the  jobs section of the website.

Recently I was asked to join in the BreakDrink fun by contributing to a new podcast series about technology on campus in student affairs & higher education with @jacksonj & @jefflail – called the Campus Tech Connection.

The Campus Tech Connection (CTC) podcast series’ goal is to help campus practitioners understand technology while becoming  active digital citizens. Through the blogtalkradio platform, we plan to bring on interesting guests that are engaged with the higher ed & technology realm every Monday night from 7-8 pm CST.  If you care to join in the fun to listen, you can do so and feel free to ask questions by calling in via phone/Skype to 646. 652.2342 or by tweeting questions by using the hashtag #CTC or #BreakDrink. We appreciate all comments, questions, thoughts and feedback from the listeners out there.

We kicked off the first CTC podcast with by interviewing Stian Haklev who is one of the co-Founders of Peer 2 Peer (P2P) University last night.  All of the CTC podcasts will be posted on under the Tech section of the website, but I will be sure to post comments & thoughts each week as on my blog as well.

In talking with Stian we learned a great deal about the P2P University model beyond the initial blurb on the website:

Stian has posted the podcast on his blog, however some of the key points that interested me most have to do with the model of open education and how this concept can (and will) impact learners around the globe.

It will be interesting to see how this P2P U model will evolve beyond their one year of funding from the Hewlett group and Shuttleworth Foundation fellowship. It seems like a great deal of open education faculty/programs (#oer #ocw) like MIT Open Courseware, Open Ed at UBC and others are greatly involved in this project.

P2P U encourages learners and faculty alike to join in these participatory communities to share, connect, and learn. This group is really thinking about the bigger picture, and what learning will look like in the future with the sole purpose to engage others in online learning.  The plan is to continue P2P University course delivery through the support of donations, university partnerships and encouraging higher ed institutions to purchase access to their educational platform/services for instruction. I plan to stay tuned in to see what unfolds with the Peer 2 Peer University, and perhaps I’ll either pick up an online course for my PhD (for independent study or just self-interest) and/or propose a course of my own down the road.