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I’m Qualified… to Work on My Dissertation Proposal

Today I received the “official” paperwork letting me know that I am qualified to move onto the dissertation/thesis phase of my PhD. At the end of the Fall 2012 semester I defended my ATPI Portfolio, as part of my comprehensive or qualifying exams, and became a PhD Candidate.

This semester (much to my faculty advisor‘s surprise) I am not enrolled in any courses at UNT. The goal for this term is to concentrate on completing my dissertation proposal for a successful defense by the end of April 2013, if not before to be eligible for scholarship and/or other opportunities. Other than a few publications/projects, conference travel, and editing for the Learning and Performance Quarterly, you will probably see my nose deep in research methodology as I fine tune my literature review. Stay tuned…

8 thoughts on “I’m Qualified… to Work on My Dissertation Proposal”

  1. Congratulations Laura! 🙂 It has been amazing to see you on this journey the last few months, very inspirational! Can you share any books that have really helped you during your doctoral study?


    1. Thanks, Priscilla! A book list of PhD Help/Support? Sounds like a great next blog post… can I get that to you next week. I will have to compile during my travels. 🙂


        1. Interesting article, Ms. Taylor. Although I partially agree with Seth’s thoughts, I do think there is value in spectating. Through social learning, I have picked up on cues, ideas, and strategies of my own. Then again, you can’t just sit around and watch forever. Being on the “bench” for learning can only be temporary. Thanks for the share!


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