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Hosting the @NACADA TechTalks in August – #AdvTech

For those of you interested in advising and technology – let me share with you an online, professional development opportunity that is on the horizon. At the beginning of August @NACADA is hosting an #AdvTech Summer Special Web Events. The week will have five FREE 60-minute virtual sessions sponsored by the NACADA Technology in Advising Commission to offer you ideas and resources for technology in advising.

Here’s the line up:

August 6: The Speech that Was Never A Blog Post: The Trends and Future for Technology in Advising 

August 7: What the Tweet?: @AcAdvChat & the #AcAdv Chat Community Using Twitter for Professional Development and Sharing 

August 8: Advising Technology Myth-busting: Guidance and Challenges for Using Social Media on Campus

August 9: Advising Reflections & Sharing: Blogging to Support Our Profession & Student Learning Outcomes

August 10: Technology Adoption & Life Cycle: From Implementation to Evaluation of Technology in Advising

During the NACADA TechTalks, I will do my best to be the host with the most for each panel by following the #AdvTech Twitter stream and comments in Adobe Connect. With the help of @NACADA we will post the recorded webcasts and archive the conversation for those who cannot attend. For more information about the sessions, #AdvTech panelists, and how to connect – visit the @NACADA Blog post about the TechTalks.

If you have further questions or things YOU want to ask any of the panelists during the week, be sure to let me know.

6 thoughts on “Hosting the @NACADA TechTalks in August – #AdvTech”

  1. I have been early and tried to log in as a guest to both of the Tech Talks this week, but been denied. I’m not sure what to do for the golden ticket, so to speak. Any suggestions appreciated.


    1. Hey Robin! Be sure to log in at 11:30 am CDT SHARP! Yesterday’s webcast was full within 7 minutes. The room opens at 11:30 am CDT (not a minute before), and all those who log in as a guest will be let in. IF you can’t get in — check out the #AdvTech backchannel on Twitter & we’ll be sure to post the recordings on YouTube. Here’s the one from yesterday:

      Hope that helps!


  2. Laura,
    These sessions were fantastic! There was so much great information! I really appreciated it! We have a small advising center (2 of us) and are not able to get to NACADA functions so it meant a lot to me. Thank you!


    1. Hi Gerry! Thanks so much for the feedback. We were happy to offer the webcasts for everyone. Glad your group appreciated it so much! Thanks for the kind words! Best, Laura


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