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Talking About PLNs on #SALive

My good friend/colleague Eric Stoller invited me to join his latest adventure with Student Affairs Live (#SALive) last week to further share my thoughts on PLNs and how to breakdown the silo mentality in higher education. #SALive is an extention the awesome weekly Higher Ed Live (#HElive) video podcasts/shows offered weekly by Seth Odell. Both of these weekly shows provide interesting and engaging topics for students, professionals and faculty members working in higher education.

I thought I’d share a few of the show highlights & discussion points below…

What is a Personal Learning Network (PLN) for Student Affairs Professionals or others in Higher Education?

  • Professional development – learn from content-area specialists
  • Locate resources for your Student Affairs (SA) content  area – such as free websites, software, etc
  • Get ideas from experienced SA Pros & Grad Students – initiatives, programs, suggested practices in the field
  • Learn about new technology & how to integrate it into professional field and/or content area
  • Find collaborative solutions – crowd-source it!
  • Getting connected – to people, knowledge, information, best practices, opportunities
  • Staying current with the trends & literature in Higher Ed & SA: – interesting links, news, articles, journals, event
  • RSS feed of reading fun – blogs, news, people, podcasts & then some!
  • Having a bit of a chat – dialoguing & sharing
  • Support – motivation from peers in your professional network

General PLN resources shared during the video podcast:

This is just one of many Student Affairs Live episodes for @EricStoller – so if you liked the first few be sure to check it on Wednesday at 3 pm CST. The next #SAlive show on April 6th will be about the #NASPACPA Association Consolidation vote. Tune in live here:

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