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Who is Your Tech BFF?

Q: “How do you stay on top of all things technology and remain current with online trends?”

A: “My Technology B.F.F. (Best Friend Forever), of course!”

The term BFF is often used by “the kids” these these days, but after reflecting on where I learn and engage in technology, this became the best term I can use. Sure my Tech BFF is a mentor, guide, coach, instructor and instigator – but most of all this individual is a friend. My Tech BFF helps introduce me to useful ideas, connects me to other people, engages me in the social network to challenge me both personally and professionally.

Flickr Photo c/o Hoodlumpr

Okay. I am cheating. I have a few of these Tech BFF’s in my life. This collaborative helps to inform what I do and how I learn. I am able to connect, collaborate, question and play with online group on a regular basis. Today I will highlight one of the esteemed members from my personal learning network – let me introduce one of my Tech BFF’s: Mr. @EricStoller

I was fortunate to connect with Eric during our faculty stint at NACADA for the 1st EVER Technology Seminar at the end of 2008 with Karen Thurmond & George Steele. My initial interaction with Eric was via e-mail, Skype and on via the interwebs. This seems appropriate since he has been one of many to inspire me to further embrace the power of online connection for social justice and collaborative partnerships. Since this first meet up (where I discovered Eric was much taller than he appeared on webcam), I have been fortunate to be supported by this colleague as we transition in our careers and pursue our dreams.

I proudly present to you the latest & greatest Campus Tech Connection podcast #16 that features Eric Stoller and his recent happenings. In this podcast we discuss the following items:

Thanks for your support, ideas and friendship. May our tech connection live long and prosper.

The question is: Who’s your (tech) Jedi master?

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