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TIDE is Coming In for Developmental Educators

The Technical Institute for Developmental Educators (TIDE) will be held at Texas State San Marcos from July 26-31, 2009.  This is an interesting, hand-on technology workshop sponsored by Texas State University, CRLA and NADE fo higher ed folks interested in utilizing technology in their work.

Those who should attend include:

  • Developmental educators in higher education who want to learn more about how to use technology
  • All expertise are welcome; workshops beginners to advance
  • Both PC and Macintosh platforms will be available
  • Project support for initiatives at respective institutions
  • Opportunity to receive 3 hours of graduate credit or continuing education credit.

There will be at least 6 mini-course sessions (3 hours each) throughout the week, to introduce various learning opportunities with technology and enhance skills.  There will also be daily mentoring group meetings to debrief and support project development.

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