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A National Technology Plan?

National Education Technology Plan: Action Steps

To help states and districts prepare today’s students for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow, a set of seven action steps and accompanying recommendations have been developed.

  1. Strengthen Leadership
  2. Consider Innovative Budgeting
  3. Improve Teacher Training
  4. Support E-Learning and Virtual Schools
  5. Encourage Broadband Access
  6. Move Toward Digital Content
  7. Integrate Data Systems

This national plan was initiated in 2004 to increase the involvement of technology in K-12 education.  I hope that this tech plan will also be part of the educational reform focus for the new administration.  The changes to K-12 technology use can and will impact students who attend college & university.

There may not be a mandate for higher education to have a specific, uniform technology plan, however there are a few trends to follow from the last few Horizon Reports  c/o Educause.  Many institutions have seen great value incorporating technology into their strategic plans and recognizing the need for this support and growth.

Are you aware of what YOUR institution is planning for technology development & support for learning?  Find out.

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