What is Learning Experience Design (LXD)?

Recently, I had to do share what Learning Experience Design (LXD) is to internal stakeholders in our organization for an upcoming event I’m wrangling (shout out to the LXDCon planning team!). I have been working in this field for a while, so once you’re embedded you forget that others might not have a clue of how you work or what you do.

Thanks to the fundamentals of LXD from LXD.org + a couple of books on my shelf, I defined the basics of what I do in my world of work, in brief.

I decided to go back to my explainer roots, to script and animate what LXD professionals do — here is a modified version without the conference trailer pitch:


Learning Experience Design, or otherwise known as LXD, is an interdisciplinary field of expertise. LXD creates methods and modes to acquire skills and knowledge based on desired learning goals and human-centered practices. Think of the experience at the center with humans, learning, design, and goals impacting how this is process is applied.

As LXD incorporates various disciplines, folks in this arena might originate from user experience, training, neuroscience, teaching, cognitive psychology, or an instructional design. These backgrounds are often combined in these domains and cross-pollinate which results in focusing on the learner and the learner outcomes.

As an intersectional domain of practice, LXD often starts with a question or problem to solve through a learning solution. Professionals in LXD help research and understand the needs of the learner and the desired learning outcome to design the ideas and concepts for a particular learning experience. Much of this process is iterative as LXD folks design, develop, test, launch, evaluate, and then rinse and repeat this learning cycle to meet their goals and the business outcomes.

As a Senior Instructional Designer in my organization, I am part of an LXD community that shares practices, training technologies, and innovative approaches for learning experience design. We use a wiki, a podcast, and an annual event, called LXDCon as the hub to stay peculiar about the methods, tools, and approaches for learning design. 

How do you define learning experience design?

What does LXD mean for the work you do?

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