What’s on the Horizon? Call for Exemplars/Projects for the 2021 Report

Over the past few months, EDUCAUSE has been working with a panel of peers/experts to organize the 2021 Horizon Report. With all that has been going on this past year, I’m impressed with the work that has been accomplished. Here’s an update for what has come up and the open call for contributions/examples from the higher ed community.

On the Wing of the Horizon

Here are the six technologies and practices for teaching and learning in higher ed that have been identified:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Growth of micro-credentialing for educators and students
  • Learning analytics
  • Open educational resources (OER)
  • Proliferation of blended/hybrid modes/teaching models
  • Shift from remote teaching to quality online learning

For the 2021 Horizon Report EDUCAUSE is seeking contributions from the broader community for projects that illustrate these technologies and practices in action, similar to those shared in the 2020 Horizon Report. This work can be in almost any form: pilot programs, new production, research projects, faculty/instructor undertakings, emerging technology trials, or evaluation/assessment initiatives. The goal is to highlight how these 6 key areas are impacting your work and share what is going on at your institution. If you or your institution is working with any of these 6 technologies or practices in teaching and learning, you should share your information and projects/initiatives to be included in this upcoming report. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2021 and the direct URL for the submission form is:  https://forms.gle/XQYYRtMyenSTGSXB7

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