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#3Wedu Podcast #2: Women Advancing in Higher Ed

After our 1st happy hour podcast pilot, our glasses are full! Thanks for those of you who tuned in live or later. The Women Who Wine in Edu (#3Wedu) hosts, Nori (@nononi28), Jess (@jlknott), Patrice (@Profpatrice), Tanya (@tjoosten), are back this month with more wine and banter! Join us for podcast #2 on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 5 pm CST.

What’s the #3Wedu Podcast all about ? Here you go:

  • to understand the value of women leading innovation in learning
  • to overcome gender barriers women may experience in higher ed
  • to support women doing amazing things from the field
  • to provide better recognition and platform for said things
  • to highlight women in leadership roles through mentoring and coaching
  • to empower women junior and senior in education
  • do all of the above while enjoying a fine glass of wine with a few delightful ladies

wine routeIn January’s podcast, the #3Wedu ladies discussed the culture of work. During this conversation, we had some back and forth about failure and a few other issues, which led us to this week’s topic of Women in Advancing in Higher Education. Join us for February’s #3Wedu podcast as we chat about imposter syndrome, mentoring experiences, and creating a growth mindset. We are also excited to welcome a “Boxed Wine Rant” from our first guest to the podcast, Amy Collier  (@amcollier).

Grab your favorite beverage (it does not have to be wine — you decide!) and join us to toast on February 17, 2016 from 5 – 6 pm CST as we discuss Women Advising in Higher Ed:

#3Wedu Podcast #2 Google+ Hangout event page and, of course, join the backchannel conversation:

*Note: Our podcast backchannel notes, tweets, and broadcast will be updated here and on the YouTube channel post-show. Please let us know what you think, and chime into the vino chat. Missing this LIVE version, but want to tune in next month? Save the Date:  Wednesday, March 23rd @ 3 pm PST //  5 pm  CDT // 6 pm EST for #3Wedu Podcast #3!

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