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Emerging #SAtech Jobs in the Field of Student Affairs – Skills to Pay The Bills on #CTCX

Join us tonight on the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) show LIVE 7-8 pm CST as we discuss skills and opportunities in the growing field of #SAtech with our guest co-host Brad Popiolek. We will be discussing the variety of #SAtech Jobs in the field of Student Affairs and considering the following questions on the podcast:

  • How can SA professionals can gain practical skills and abilities and transfer them into any job?
  • What sort of experiences new #SAtech positions encounter – challenges & benefits
  • How can you position yourself for an #SAtech or technology job beyond student affairs?

The #CTCX posse would love to hear your thoughts, questions & ideas:

  • Listen to the show LIVE & join the conversation in the chat room.
  • Tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #CTCX 
  • Call or Skype during the show: (646) 652-2342 or breakdrink
This blog post is cross-posted at BreakDrink.com

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