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There are a systems of systems being created. Our data is detected to help up be more efficient and effective at what we do. An interesting video was released from IBM Social Media called The Internet of Things. This video looks at the complex set of relationships among all of these complex systems to see patterns in the data, information and knowledge to support innovation.

Google took great consideration in thinking about how they complex systems apply to the webapplications and extensions, as shared on the Google Channel. In considering how we work, play and interact online – the evolution of Google’s Chromebook appeared mid-June to support this online user. The Chromebook is a new alternative to using a notebook interact and engage online using new features & the Chrome OS. Here’s a quick synopsis via @googlechrome

Join us on Monday (6/27) at 7 pm CT as the BreakDrink Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) talks LIVE about the Chromebook Samsung 5 and more tech tools reviews for higher education professionals. Join the #CTCX gang with your thoughts, questions, ideas or reviews: 

  • Listen to the show LIVE
  • Tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #CTCX 
  • Call or Skype during the show: (646) 652-2342 or breakdrink

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