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iPads, Nooks & e-Readers… Oh My!

Digital literacy & e-textbooks have been on my mind… (for some time)

I have been pondering e-books, e-readers & online learning materials since the beginning of this academic semester. I am still contemplating a purchase of an e-reader or tablet before the year is out – so this is where my research & review takes me in the #edtech world. My main question is: What does it mean to take the tactile and make it digital for our learners?

Here are a few thoughts I shared during today’s webinar with Higher Ed Hero on just this topic:

A few questions and thoughts to ponder as e-books & e-readers enter our campus environments:

  • Will engagement in the digital material require new instructional methods?
  • Will our textbooks be dynamic & interactive?
  • How doe faculty connect and manage this transition?
  • How do learners retain information from real books vs. e-books?
  • Can faculty ‘win’ in the classroom & academic sphere with digital literacy?
  • How will higher motivate and impact this change?
  • Will there be control over content & learning materials?
  • How can faculty support students  more to make them comfortable with e-books for learning?

In my own research and article collection, I have managed to collected in a few resources in a Google Doc about the topics of e-readers, e-books & e-literacy and discussed it on latest edition of the Campus Tech Connection podcast #18 – E-Books & E-Readers with @jacksonj & @jefflail from BreakDrink. My quest for reading digitally continues…

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