Awareness & reflection to identify goals.

When I had my first coaching session with Laura, I came feeling like I just wanted some general advice about when is the right time to leave my current role and what I should look for in my next role. Laura did not really give me advice, she actually asked me a lot of questions so I could reflect and dig deep to come up with my own solutions. I left our conversation feeling like I accomplished my goals; specifically, I had created a list of things that make me happy in a job. This list is something I now use to gut check how long I want to stay in my current job and what I would need in a future job. In fact, I have been recruited for a few positions since I chatted with Laura and this list has helped me stay centered on what is important to me rather than being sidetracked by other nuances. I also really appreciated Laura’s follow up after our session to summarize our discussion and her continued follow up.

Jaimie H. – VP Student Learning & Engagement