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Tech Savvy Students Mentor Teachers

How much technology should be in K-12 classrooms?

This was today’s topic on CBC Radio One’s Get Talking this afternoon. Much of this discussion evolved from the Ontario Public School Board Association discussion paper What If?: Technology in the 21st Century Classroom.  This paper reviewed how technology can support and contribute to learning in school.  Many callers shared concerns and questions about the increase of technology in the classroom, with respects to relevance, budget priorities, curriculum needs and instructor knowledge of resources.

Not all listeners  approached the topic from a negative perspective.  It was apparent that technology is thought to be an excellent instructional tool.  One  current example is the “adopt-a-teacher” program at Don Mills Collegiate in the GTA. This program supports the idea of how to utilize knowledge from the digital natives – the students.  Students are able to share their experience with various emerging technologies that can incorporate into the learning experience.


Walls are coming down between teacher and learner.  The idea of fostering learning from both ends brings learning communities to the forefront of education.

Students find the classroom more ‘relevant’ when they have opportunities to interact with real world experiences and practical learning means. Lets engage our students in the entire learning process.