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#CTCX #58: The Leap Show – The #EdTech Horizon Report 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Since this only happens every 4 years, the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) will be hosting a podcast to TODAY at 12 pm CST to talk about leaping forward with technology in higher education. We were joined by@EricStoller   on the podcast & Google + Hangout to discuss the 2012 Horizon Report and how it impacts Student Affairs and Technology (#SAtech). Here’s the recorded podcast if you missed it.

The Horizon Project has been a collaborative effort between the New Media Consortium (NMC) Emerging Technologies Initiative and EDUCAUSE  to help map out the emerging technologies for teaching, learning, research, creative inquiry, and information management.  The Horizon Report was first launched in 2002 to help educators and thought leaders share  strategies, research and analysis around how technologies can effectively support learning.

DOWNLOAD the full 2012 Horizon Report HERE

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Horizon Report, NACADA Tech Seminar 2009

My Slant About What’s On the Horizon (Report 2009)

I have posted about on the NACADA Tech website, however check out the recent publication of the 2009 Horizon Report as posted on the other blog today.

I think that there are some super rad things educators should consider with respect to these new technologies in higher education:

  • increased use of games as learning & instructional tools
  • collective intelligence being on the forefront of university life
  • improved means of communication & teaching through M-learning
  • impacts to educating students about the global community
  • skill development for information & technical literacy
  • changes to dated learning means & materials
  • reviewing assessment & evaluation practices
  • delivery of student support services & resources

And many, many more transitions to what we currently know. Are you ready for what lies ahead?