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The #3Wedu Podcast: Episode No. 10: Express Yourself!

My father always said, “it’s what’s in your head and not on your head.” This expression was often used as he saw myself or my siblings getting ready for school, and, perhaps, spending a ridiculous amount of getting ready to go out the door. Although, I know this statement to be true — I can’t help but think how much the external self really does impact how we are perceived in the world of work.  There is no shortage of “how to dress for work & success” advice columns, personal blog posts, or media articles. We often get suggestions or passing comments on our wardrobe from our peers, whether we like it or not. And despite credentials, intelligence, or knowledge, our image is the first impression we provide to our campus stakeholders and colleagues. Fashion and how women dress in higher education will continue to be a topic of frustration, debate, and conversation. So let’s talk about it, #3Wedu

This Wednesday, October 19th join us for The #3Wedu Podcast, as we talk about putting our fashionista selves forward during the “Express Yourself!” episode #10. From past podcasts, we have shared about how our outward self really does impact our work in education. We know that what we wear and how we dress sends messages to our colleagues, students, and peers. Our appearance and dress offers insights to our personality and often impacts first impressions.

3wedu_no_10To step up our a-game for the battle of the dress, this week’s #3Wedu banter will be about putting our best foot forward (literally and figuratively) as we consider strategies to “dress to impress” on campus, in the boardroom, and for conference travel.

Here are just a few real and relevant questions, I’ve overheard from our #3Wedu conversations:

  • What do you think your personal image says about you?
  • What influences your own style when you’re shopping for new duds?
  • How can you update your own wardrobe on a budget?
  • Where do you go for no hassle clothing options? Stores and online?
  • What do Converse kicks pair best with for business casual?
  • What is your “go to” clothing item or accessory you often bring when you travel to a conference or academic meeting?

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-3-18-31-pmBONUS: We will share about the recent conversations at the 28th WCET Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, specifically with regards to the great discussions we hosted at The #3Wedu Conversation: Redefining Higher Ed to Support Women session. Feel free to read the Google doc notes here: http://bit.ly/wcet163wedu Thank you for sharing and also being part of this connected community!

We’re looking forward to you joining us this week for the #3Wedu podcast for Episode no. 10: Express Yourself. Be sure to tune in LOVE to YouTube  & tweet your little hearts out with the #3Wedu hashtag THIS Wednesday (10/19) at 3 PM PT//6 pm CT // 6 PM ET:

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