The @3Wedu Podcast No. 5: Men Who Support Women in Higher Ed #3Wedu

26998029442_01d77790da_oAn article from the Harvard Business Review discussed how so many incompetent men become leaders and shared that:

female managers are more likely to elicit respect and pride from their followers, communicate their vision effectively, empower and mentor subordinates, and approach problem-solving in a more flexible and creative way (all characteristics of “transformational leadership”), as well as fairly reward direct reports.

Women’s path to leadership positions are paved with many barriers including a very thick glass ceiling. But what we have NOT discussed, on the #3Wedu podcast, is that there ARE a growing number of men in higher ed who ARE attempting to remove these career obstacles.

Today (5/18) on the @3Wedu Podcast we will chat about the Men Who Support Women in Higher Ed, specifically the male advocates, mentors, support, and more we have had in our careers.  Please join us here for the LIVE broadcast, hosted in Niagara Falls, Canada at 3 pm PST // 5 pm CDT // 6pm EST:

UPDATED: Here is the Google+ ON AIR Event Page where for the live event to post comments, our Google Doc for show notes http://bit.ly/3Wedu5 and share YOUR own experiences and thoughts about today’s topic.  Of course, the podcast hashtag: #3Wedu for those who tweet along the backchannel, and you can now follow the @3Wedu Twitter Account as well! Here are ALL THE TWEETS shared during the show tonight.

If you are interested in staying connected to be up-to-date on the monthly WomenWhoWine.edu (#3Wedu) podcast and other events — just  let us know!  Please complete the following #3Wedu Podcast Community Google Form

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