Lucky 13: Top Blog Post Views for Summer 2013


Since major news outlets, TV series, and  government officials seem to be on hiatus in August, I decided to take a break from blogging as well.  In looking back at what’s been trending on TechKNOW Tools,  here are the lucky 13 most viewed blog posts since  May.

Social Media Strategies in Student Affairs
More stats
What’s Your Research Methods Worldview? More stats 353
#AcWriMo & Accountability to Write More stats 219
#EDUSprint 1: Beyond MOOCs – IT as a Force of Change More stats 116
Facebook for Learning Communities: Groups vs. Pages More stats 115
Passing the Torch: Leadership Transition in Our Professional Organizations More stats 115
Using Verbs for Specific Learning Outcomes More stats 114
Organizational Learning Constructs More stats 103
Backwards Design with TED-Ed More stats 84
I Tumblr For You… To Reflect. More stats 74
Going Mobile for Academic Advising: Tablets, iPads & Protocols on Campus More stats 72
Building Communities of Practice in Higher Ed More stats 65
My Prolegomenon to Technology
More stats

My pause from blogging will resume after I wrap up a few things before the Fall academic term starts: publications, projects, and proposals. #GradStudentProblems

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