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Advising Tech Presentations & Resources, Part Deux

To follow up with the Advising 2.0 webinar from May, I was fortunate to help facilitate a couple more sessions on the topic of Advising & Technology for the Innovative Educators group. Here were the topics and presentation resources from the sessions:

1. Advising Technology: The Needs Assessment & Implementation Process with George Steele, Ohio Learning Network

Webinar resources can be found in this The Needs Assessment & Implementation Google Doc.

2. Best Practices in Online Academic Advising Delivery with Clay SchwennUniversity of Washington

Webinar resources can be found in this Best Practices for Online Academic Advising Delivery Google Doc.

Although I enjoyed participating in these sessions, often these online sessions were the starting point for many departmental/campus academic advising groups. It seemed like attendees from these webinars were at various levels of engaging with technology in advising – either just at the drawing board and looking for ideas or in the process for assessment and measurement of current practices. We hoped to provide a springboard for development for some, and hopefully a point of contact, information and resources for others in their dive into advising with technology. In any case, we encouraged participants to stay connected and engaged amongst the great technology in advising network that is starting to thrive online.

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