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#CTCX No. 56: Getting Connected in Higher Ed, Part I

Join the Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) today LIVE from 12-1 pm CST as we talk about the latest tech news and discuss how higher education is getting more connected by the minute with our guests. 

#CTCX #SATech Highlight of the Week: #SAsearch
Laura Megivern –  – @thesasearch 

#CTCX Guest: Mike Petroff (@mikepetroff)

EDUTweetups (originally at was acquired by Inside Higher Ed, and we’re currently building out a section on their site to
be the Twitter Calendar for Higher Ed. Learn how it will be promoting events, weekly chats and hashtags.

Also learn about the NEW FollowEDU network. This is a searchable directory of Twitter users in higher ed. Learn how Mike started this project from with developers from Stamats Catchfire and hear more about how the recent launch is going.

Join us today:

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Introducing the NEW Learning and Performance Quarterly (LPQ) Journal


The Center for Knowledge Solutions at the Department of Learning Technologies, University of North Texas is proud to announce the first Call for Papers for the inaugural issue of the Learning and Performance Quarterly (LPQ) journal.

The Learning and Performance Quarterly (LPQ) is currently accepting submissions for the inaugural issue. We are welcoming any article submissions that detail the definition, history and evolution of learning and performance in its broadly conceived terms including instructional design, performance improvement, learning innovations, training and development and educational technology for both public and private sectors: 

The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 10, 2012.

For detailed submission guidelines and instructions on how to make a submission, please visit Author Guidelines. Editors, Laura Pasquini and Dr. Jeff Allen, will gladly answer any questions or concerns regarding submissions via e-mail: We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Please share this announcement with other colleagues and researchers who might be interested in publishing for the Learning and Performance Quarterly. Thanks!


More Than [One] Word[s] #oneword2012 #fantabulous

The new year is upon us and my PLN has already been quite busy setting goals and making new year’s resolutions. During some of this new year happenings, came the appearance of  the #oneword2012 movement. I thought  – how can I find just one word to represent the  year ahead. There are just so many things I want to do this year. How can I accomplish everything in just ONE WORD? After reflecting, reviewing the dictionary/thesaurus, and consulting Fiachra – truth is I can’t.  [He indicated that I could do much better than scholarship, motivation & completion.] I agree.

During my first class tonight [MGMT 6820: Seminar in Organizational Theory], I was inspired to consider my word of the year from Dr. Salimath:


During our meeting, Dr. Salimath reminded our class that we are in the business of “expanding the frontiers of knowledge” and “generating ideas.” She wants us to aim for great things. With a very small percentage of the world’s population possess a Ph.D., it is the responsibility of researchers in our respective fields to represent the sphere of influence and change. It is only suitable that an innovative, created word “fantabulous” is the best fit for my #oneword2012. Here are a few ways that Dr. Salimath suggested our scholarship should unfold  within our class and as researcher this year:

  1. Research high quality information.
  2. Extract “value” from what you read, consume and research.
  3. Develop the capacity to be an “innovative” thinker.
  4. Examine questions with rigor and soundness – think deep and with detail.
  5. Synthesize and apply to address problems and find solutions.
  6. Make meaningful “connections” to reality – ground abstractions and concepts.

How will you be fantabulous this year? Inspire & challenge me.

For those of you interested in Organizational Theory, I will be sure to post a weekly reflection about the readings and discussions from this course. Stay tuned.