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Location: There’s No Place Like Home

Why check in with location for learning? Good question. In higher education these geographically social resources connect our students on campus, share information and encourage community participation. Location-based services provide a game-like challenges for students within higher education. These location applications provide interaction, establish online identities and create a “home” feeling for many higher education institutions.

Geosocial applications create an emerging online learning environment for our students. Gowalla offers programmed trips that include highlights, challenges and items to collect. Foursquare offers incentives, discounts and fun badges to its users. A variety of student affair departments are beginning to experiment and play with the location-based apps on campus – are you one of them? If so, please share.

Earlier this year the Campus Tech Connection chatted with a few people about location-based applications and how they impact our campus communities. I am not using location based applications for learning just yet, but I am interested in exploring the possibilities. These podcasts delve into a few ideas and examples of how location-based resources are being used on campus:

Here are just a few examples of universities and colleges who are utilizing location applications on campus:

Other Location-based applications to check out…

Facebook Places
Google Places with Hotpot

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Tools to Help Grow Your PLN

I just shared with you my thoughts about my PLN and how I have come to value this learning network. Now let me share with you some helpful tools and resources to help grow YOUR network.

Today @julieclarsen & I will be presenting to a group of advisors at the 14th Annual UTAAA Conference at University of Texas Arlington campus. This session is designed to go beyond the introduction of social media resources, and demonstrate how you can effectively incorporate them into your own professional development plan, build a learning network and support others in your professional community. Enjoy and pass it on to others seeking ideas for PD.

Do you have other ways you grow your PLN for professional development? Please share.

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Thoughts On My PLN

I have been pondering the value of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) for quite sometime. I value educators, professionals and researchers in higher education who share, connect and collaborators with me online and IRL (in real life).

Not too long ago @clintlalonde interviewed me for his masters thesis research paper on learning networks. I agreed to this Skype interview, as PLN is a strong interested on my own research thread. A BIG thanks goes out to Clint for having me reflect on my PLN. After reviewing the transcripts from our interview, I thought I would highlight a few thoughts I shared about my PLN:

  • a shared space where I connect and engage with a community of peers
  • this group is a sort of a scaffold & sounding board
  • a place go to for resources and ideas
  • usually related to my interests or areas I want to expand upon
  • technology did not create my PLN, but is is now a great and easy medium to cultivate it
  • resources for personal and professional development is in the network
  • 140 characters really does have value in my own educational development
  • my network is varied and there is never a dull moment – this is why I stay engaged
  • it has different themes within different nodes & groups
  • crowd-sourcing – starts the conversation, inspires project development and collaborative initiatives
  • it can evolve and it can change  – the medium may change but the messages & info is always there
  • I never stop learning…that’s why I heart my PLN!

Here are a few great articles and resources from educators in my PLN:

Have you grown YOUR PLN lately?