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November, November a #CTCX Month to Remember.

Time sure does fly when you are getting to talk to some great tech friends on the Campus Tech Connection. Due to my scholastic commitments and other obligations this month, I have been slacking in the blog department. I do apologize. Here is a comprehensive re-cap for all the great people and topics the #CTCX crew engaged with during the month of November:

November 1st – CTCX Podcast #18:

E-Readers – CTCX Posse Discussion (see my last blog post)

Thoughts, ideas & resources on e-books, e-readers and how they will impact higher education.

  • Gadgets, specs, e-book reviews and more.
  • Impact to learning and services in higher education
  • Presentation & links for a webinar on said topic
  • Call in from Case Western about the upcoming Kindle pilot

November 8th CTCX Podcast #19:

Getting connected with OrgSync & Eric Fortenberry (CEO/Founder)

Show highlights:

November 15th – CTCX Podcast #20:

Our chat with HigherEd Live host Seth Odell

Show highlights:

  • HigherEd Live weekly show: Watch live every Sunday at 7 pm CST.
  • Connect to Seth Odell on Twitter & via his website
  • Want to know more about streaming? Professional Photos, Videos and Live Streams 101: Strategies and Tips From Campus Pros – January 18, 19 & 20, 2011 – 1PM-2PM EST (upcoming webinar)
  • Live & impromptu jam session with Seth for a grand finish. Way to step back from that ledge, my friend.

November 22nd – CTCX Podcast #21:

Learning about MIT Open Courseware with Steve Carson, External Relations Director for MIT OCW

Show highlights:

Join us for the next Campus Tech Connection next Monday (12/6) with @jacksonj@jefflail &@laurapasquini as we discuss the Tech Tools We Cannot Live Without & a Few Items on our Tech Wish List. Have an idea or care to share your thoughts with the #CTCX gang?

  • E-mail:
  • Text or call: 732-982-BREAK (7325)
  • Join us LIVE next Monday (12/6) at 7 pm CST at BreakDrink Live
  • Tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #CTCX and/or calling in(646) 652-2342 during the program.
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iPads, Nooks & e-Readers… Oh My!

Digital literacy & e-textbooks have been on my mind… (for some time)

I have been pondering e-books, e-readers & online learning materials since the beginning of this academic semester. I am still contemplating a purchase of an e-reader or tablet before the year is out – so this is where my research & review takes me in the #edtech world. My main question is: What does it mean to take the tactile and make it digital for our learners?

Here are a few thoughts I shared during today’s webinar with Higher Ed Hero on just this topic:

A few questions and thoughts to ponder as e-books & e-readers enter our campus environments:

  • Will engagement in the digital material require new instructional methods?
  • Will our textbooks be dynamic & interactive?
  • How doe faculty connect and manage this transition?
  • How do learners retain information from real books vs. e-books?
  • Can faculty ‘win’ in the classroom & academic sphere with digital literacy?
  • How will higher motivate and impact this change?
  • Will there be control over content & learning materials?
  • How can faculty support students  more to make them comfortable with e-books for learning?

In my own research and article collection, I have managed to collected in a few resources in a Google Doc about the topics of e-readers, e-books & e-literacy and discussed it on latest edition of the Campus Tech Connection podcast #18 – E-Books & E-Readers with @jacksonj & @jefflail from BreakDrink. My quest for reading digitally continues…

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Delicious Indulgences in Social Media with Campus Tech & @micala

If you were a fan of the 80’s party line chats, you might like last week’s Campus Tech Connection (#CTCX) podcast #17 with Shannon Ritter (a.k.a.@micala). IRC might have sparked her interests, however Shannon grew to love the power of online interaction and collaboration over the interwebs.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what @micala is all about c/o her posterous account:

Since the #CTCX agrees with both her “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” criterion, we seemed to have quite the engaging chat that included the following topics:

Of course, this list is not exhausted when it comes to the Campus Tech podcast. Many other side topics and tangents entered into our conversation. Listen for yourself HERE. It was a pretty fun episode…. and might we even say, delicious?

Photo c/o micala on Flickr

Besides thanking Shannon for joining us on our last October 2010 podcast, we also want to give her credit for coining the NEW & IMPROVED Campus Tech Connection hashtag that we’ll now be using: #CTCX Thanks @micala!