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For those of you in higher education who either blog or read blogs on a regular basis, you might be interested in learning more about BlogHigherEd

This is an excellent network that aggregate blogs from ALL over the realm of higher education, including faculty, webmasters, administrators, marketers, vendors, counselors, consultants, etc on their current blogroll.  It’s a great area to find people doing similar things and learn about new ideas going on all over the world.  Happy reading!

Horizon Report, NACADA Tech Seminar 2009

My Slant About What’s On the Horizon (Report 2009)

I have posted about on the NACADA Tech website, however check out the recent publication of the 2009 Horizon Report as posted on the other blog today.

I think that there are some super rad things educators should consider with respect to these new technologies in higher education:

  • increased use of games as learning & instructional tools
  • collective intelligence being on the forefront of university life
  • improved means of communication & teaching through M-learning
  • impacts to educating students about the global community
  • skill development for information & technical literacy
  • changes to dated learning means & materials
  • reviewing assessment & evaluation practices
  • delivery of student support services & resources

And many, many more transitions to what we currently know. Are you ready for what lies ahead?

Conference, NACADA Tech Seminar 2009

It’s Coming… The NACADA Tech Seminar!!!

Speaking of hot, new & exciting (see previous post)… Did you know that 1 month from now the NACADA Tech team will be hosting an interactive & engaging seminar on working with technology & advising?

Check out it out & get linked to the NACADA Technology Seminar TODAY!


February 12-13th will not just be about sun n’ fun in Clearwater, Florida. This innovative seminar is breaking the institute frontier with its new style & format. The NACADA Technology Seminar is designed to immerse participants in web 2.0 technologies, explore practical uses for advising, and encourage collaboration amongst colleagues.

For more details about the NACADA Tech Seminar, registration & more be sure to go visit the Winter seminars on the NACADA website. Hope to see you there!